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Welcome to Wedistry. My name is Aaron and I’ve been officiating weddings for over 10 years. Wedistry is a way to reduce the stress of wedding planning by making it easier to plan your wedding events. The Wedistry for Wedding Parties app on the App Store will help to make your planning go more smoothly.

The Wedistry Blog is a collection of helpful articles that you can use throughout your wedding planning process. Topics like wedding gifts and registries, venue and destination wedding ideas, devotionals, and plenty of wedding planning tips are included. At each stage of your wedding planning journey, you should be able to find a blog article that will help to answer your question. Thank you for visiting!

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How Many Months Out Should I Begin?

One of our blog posts tackles this question. You should begin planning your wedding as soon as possible however you will want to work on having your venue secured at least a year ahead of time if possible and send your invitations from 9 to 6 months before your wedding day.

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Choose Your Wedding Details

The process of planning your wedding design and preferences is far from an easy one but it does not need to be so difficult that you feel like giving up or that it’s not worth it because it is! Get input on your details from your planner primarily. Yes, you will want to consult your friends and family but just remember that you hired a professional planner for a reason and their understanding of wedding details far surpasses that of even your closest friends. That’s not always easy to digest but unless your friends and families have extensive experience being paid to be planners their opinion will most often need to take a back seat to the planner you hired.

At the same time, remember that this is your wedding and you have the right to make the final decision based on your preferences.

What You Need To Plan A Wedding

That being said, having a professional wedding planner is one of the most important things that you can do for your wedding because they have experience keeping things on track. They will bring their timelines, style guides, relationships with vendors and venues, and much more than you would ever tink about when it comes to planning your wedding.

But besides having the best planners and support system, at Wedistry we believe in a faith foundation to sustain your process. of course, the purpose of establishing faith is not limited to wedding planning but it is a major area that we would advocate could be included for a better outlook and experience.

This is why we offer devotional inspiration to help sustain you through your planning journey. There are devotionals for brides, grooms, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and officiants, and also for married couples. We realize that there is an emotional aspect to not just getting married but to wedding planning as well. There’s the anticipation, the joy, the excitement, and also the disappointments, the exhaustion, and the hard decisions. But you don’t have to be completely surprised with all of these challenges that may come your way. With Wedistry, through our tools and content, we aim to help you prepare for the moments that matter most.

How Much Time Does It Really Take?

Planning a wedding takes much of your time with some parts taking much more the closer you get to your wedding date. But tools like the Wedistry for Wedding Parties App on the App Store that organizes your wedding party and other tools help tremendously to reduce the time spent with planning.

But we don’t want to minimize this. No matter how many tools and planners you use, the overall process is very time-consuming. Even when you are not actually planning your mind will be in a constant state of strategizing. That’s why it’s so important to take breaks and have a plan for rest. Exercise, diet, and even social interactions become all the more important when you are in the planning phase.

Addressing the Pain Points

Through years of officiating and attending weddings, I’ve learned that wedding party planning is one of the most difficult items to face in your planning. What is wedding party planning? This is the process of preparing your wedding party for the wedding. This includes helping to ensure that all of your wedding party members know when and where to be throughout your wedding events for starters. The Wedistry for Wedding Parties app is a rare tool that displays only the events the wedding party member will attend in their app to make things simpler for them and eliminate confusion.

Who’s In the Wedding Party?

The wedding party includes the Bride and Groom, Bridesmaids, Matron of Honor, Maid of Honor, Groomsmen, Ushers, Officiant, and Musicians. These are all roles that you can easily assign in the Weidstry for Wedding Parties App so that when you complete your schedule everyone will know what events to attend. Even more so, they will only see their events in the app. For example, a groomsman wouldn’t need to attend the dress fitting for the bride so he wouldn’t see that event in his app view.

Date Night Suggestions

We can’t stress enough that as a couple planning your wedding you should take time to be with one another and enjoy your company. This is more of a must than a recommendation. Take some time to continue to get to know one another. This is just as important, in fact more important than any part of your planning. Remember it’s about a person not a process. Go on a date night to a place you’ve never been before and a familiar location.

Decide ahead of time whether this will be a working date where you’re allowed to talk about the wedding or not and try to stick to it. You may be thinking, well shouldn’t we always take a break from planning? Well, ideally yes but there are some days when you will just need to go ahead and talk about some of the wedding details. In those cases, just don’t let it take up the whole night but rater spread out the planning conversation topics throughout the night. But date nights are essential and they will help you to remember why you’re getting married to this amazing person.

Destination Weddings

We have some excellent travel wedding ideas for you. From Bali to the Maldives we give insight and background to locations that will wow your guests and provide a lifetime of memories. Recently the popularity of travel weddings as increased and not looked back. We give some ideas to help your decision to have a traditional stateside ceremony or take your wedding party and guests to an exotic location.

Wedding Registry Inspiration

At Wedistry, our partners offer exclusive discount opportunities that may interest you at our tools page. Check this page often for seasonal and long-term offers on your favorite wedding vendors.

Our genuine aim is that the content and tools included in this site are helpful to your wedding planning process in one way or another. Please don’t hesitate to send suggestions and ideas that you may think of after engaging with our content. And come back soon!

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