2 Tips to Live Simpler

This blog post with only 2 tips to live simpler will be the simplest thing that you read today.

After reading this post I hope that you have 2 tools for living simply and feel a little less stressed.

The challenge with living simply is literally thousands upon thousands of options in every area at all times. The 24/7 news cycle and social media only add to this challenge.

The goal to live simpler is not just about focusing on tasks but it’s also about preparation. Get started by thinking about what you can purge from your daily routine. What do you do every day that you don’t really need to do? Furthermore, what are you doing that is really stressing you out and you know you don’t need?

Now that the runway is clear let’s look at how simple we can make your day. The more you have going on around you the more opportunity to focus.

The best part is that you will be able to repeat these steps every single day if you need to. All you need to do is rinse and repeat these steps for results.

Write out the plan for your day.

live simpler, scheduling, planner

Set a time to reflect.

live simpler, reflection, time of day

It sounds so simple but the secret is that by taking time to reflect we are also doing a lot more just like in our first step. We don’t have to focus on these things but when we take time to reflect we are being intentional about taking time for ourselves. To live simpler mostly means to provide ourselves with enough space. We are relieving stress by evaluating how our day went and giving space to allow our emotions to be revealed. From there, we give ourselves the opportunity to respond accordingly to our emotions. We also get to think about our plan for the next day. So, what does successfully setting a plan to live simpler look like? Well, when we reflect on our day hopefully we can then think about what we want to write down for our plan the next day.

That’s it! As hectic as your day may be these 2 steps are going to change everything for your daily routine.

Next, find a time of day that works best for you to implement these steps and live simpler!

Please share these tips with someone who you think might find them helpful. I know they are not the flashiest suggestions but from practice I can assure you that they work! Check this blog regularly for more tips on how to reduce stress especially for hose planning a wedding.

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