5 Ways to be a Good Wedding Guest

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Good Wedding Guest

There are a few things that you can do to be a good wedding guest. The first is to respond to your wedding invitation as soon as possible including whether you will have a plus one. Also, be sure to RSVP for any other wedding events you are invited to as soon as possible such as the wedding shower and rehearsal dinner for example. Follow the dress code for all wedding events and bring a gift on the registry for a great start at being a good wedding guest.

good wedding guest
5 Ways to be a Good Wedding Guest 2 good wedding guest

What to Bring to a Wedding as a Guest

It’s a great gesture to offer a gift for a wedding however if you are invited to all of the wedding events such as the wedding shower, bridal shower, bridesmaids’ day, or guy time, think about bringing a little something for each of those events. Basically, it’s just good to not come to a wedding event empty-handed. If you don’t want to spend much money you can always bring a card or something thoughtful that the bride or groom will appreciate to the event.

How to Prepare for a Wedding as a Guest

A few things to think about while preparing to be a wedding guest are attire, accommodations, and transportation. You will always want to be super prepared with enough clothing especially if you are attending a destination wedding. Also, if you are in the wedding party ask the bride/groom if they need you to bring something. It’s always helpful if the couple can ask you to have a few emergency items just in case rather than having to pack everything themselves. The couple will have enough to carry on their own. If they know that they can count on you as well it will be greatly appreciated.

But even if you are planning on a certain climate be sure to bring different types of clothing. Bring an umbrella for sure. Pack a set of sweats. Especially today with so many flight cancellations and travel changes you just never know what you will need so prepare for anything.

Book your hotel as soon as you know that you will attend the wedding. Be sure to start by asking the couple if there will be a hotel block available for the wedding party and for guests. The couple will most likely know whether they plan on having a block of rooms available. If it’s not quite reserved yet be patient and allow the couple to set up the block and then reserve your room as soon as possible. This will help the couple to plan better and it will help them to negotiate with the hotel if necessary if more rooms are booked sooner.

If there is no space for you in the hotel block you will still want to book your room as soon as possible to get the best rate. The great thing about hotels is that you can usually cancel your room up to 24 hours before check-in if necessary.

Transportation is also very important. You will want to be sure that you know how you are getting to the location of the wedding as well as to and from your hotel, the wedding venue, or if the wedding party gets together even after the reception.

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Wedding Guest Anxiety

It’s completely normal to have some anxiety about attending a wedding. This can be a little uncomfortable especially if we don’t know many people or anyone who is attending the wedding besides the bride or groom. One thing that we can do to not feel as anxious is to bring a guest if you are allowed a plus one. Your plus one does not have to be a date or significant other however I would recommend that it is someone that is a very close friend or family member or someone who the bride or groom knows.

The couple will appreciate if you bring someone who is a mainstay as in a family member or friend. But if you need to bring someone for emotional support just see if you can gently mention or ask the couple if they wouldn’t mind who you bring as a guest. Yes, you can technically bring anyone but at the same time they might appreciate it if that person is a special person to you.

Guest Dos and Donts

To recap in some do’s and dont’s,

Do: be sure to rspv as soon as possible, not just for the ceremony but for all wedding events that you’re invited to. Bring clothing not only for the destination you are attending but just imagine that you get stuck in an airport along the way and you will need to stay the night. Bring what you might need for any circumstance within reason. Buy a gift that represents your relationship with the couple and if you are attending all of the wedding events bring something, even if it’s a card, for each event.

Try not to wait until you arrive at the wedding destination to think about your transportation throughout the wedding events. If public transportation is available and it’s helpful you may want to think about utilizing it rather than an Uber for example.

And finally, don’t leave too early if you don’t have to. It’s acceptable to leave after the ceremony if necessary however if you know that’s the case ahead of time be sure to let the couple know. If they can save a meal from being prepared if they know you won’t attend the reception they might appreciate that.

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