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Thank you for visiting Wedistry! A little about me!

Welcome! A little about me and a little about Wedistry. My name is Aaron, and I’m the founder of Wedistry, a faith-based wedding planning app and blog. My lovely family and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, where I serve as an ordained Christian minister.

About Wedistry: Continued

Wedistry is created to help couples reduce stress while wedding planning. After ten years of officiating weddings, I learned that one of the main pain points couples face is organizing wedding events and managing the wedding party. The Wedistry app makes planning all of your wedding events easy. Each wedding party member will know exactly when and where they should be throughout all of your wedding events.

Here to Help

I have learned that weddings can be stressful for many reasons, but they don’t have to be. There are specific preparations couples can make to keep stress levels low in the areas where it’s needed most. I sincerely hope that the wedding planning app and the blog topics that vary from wedding planning to date nights and personal health and fitness are tools that you find helpful in your wedding planning process.

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All the best,

Rev. Aaron L. Smith, M. Div.

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