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Hi, I’m Aaron. Allow me to share a little about me. I’m the creator of Wedistry for Wedding Parties and the Wedistry Blog. For over 10 years I’ve gained experience officiating weddings. Wedistry is a way to share that experience and some of the many things I’ve learned that might be helpful to others preparing to get married. As an ordained minister, I’ve had the privilege of officiating weddings for family and friends. This experience has been invaluable. I’ve learned insights into how to navigate the wedding planning event schedule, how to help a couple to write vows and even details on good wedding registry options for couples.

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Founding Wedistry

At Wedistry, we know that wedding planning can be stressful. That’s why we have a faith-based aim to help couples by addressing some of the common pain points of wedding planning. We know that there will always be unexpected challenges but our goal is to help address some of the areas that can be alleviated with proper planning. This insight comes from 18 years as a minister and 7 as an ordained minister along with being a guest in numerous weddings. This experience provided a well-rounded background that I hope is helpful to couples who are engaged and preparing to be married in the near future.

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Hopefully, this site will offer constructive tips and guides on how to lower your stress levels while also maintaining an efficient and effective planning strategy for you, your spouse, and your wedding guests.

Up To Date Wedding Topics

The main blog offers real-life tips from either my wedding, weddings that I’ve officiated, or information gathered from research on up-to-date wedding topics. You will find answers to questions that seem small to larger more common areas of wedding planning strategy. For example, you may wonder, “Where does the bride stay the night before the wedding?” or what does the groom do the morning of the wedding? Or, where do bridesmaids keep their phones? These are the kinds of questions that we have found are more common than we might think but knowing how to proceed throughout your events will help to reduce your stress all the more.

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More About Me and Wedistry

Wedistry is a faith-based site that aims to help couples reduce the stress of wedding planning by reducing financial burdens, helping with time-saving techniques, and answering questions to questions about your wedding planning and events.

So, just a little more about me and why I’m here. My name is Aaron, and I’ve been an ordained minister since 2015 but I’ve been officiating weddings since 2010 and in ministry since 2005. I attended the University of Chicago Divinity School, where I received my Master of Divinity degree in 2015 and I’m ordained in the Disciples of Christ. There are few things I enjoy more than helping a couple through the wedding planning process. I consider it a huge honor and privilege each time I have the opportunity. Here are a few quick things that I’ve learned through the process. It’s better to think of creating your wedding than having your wedding.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation of our faith and that we can’t do anything without Him. I also believe that we are meant to be participants in our own blessings, such as becoming married. So, we have a part in creating the experience. We have choices such as choosing our venue, what we wear, how we present ourselves, and who is invited. Only God can marry us according to the Scriptures, and we have plenty of inclusion leading up to that moment.

Thanks for learning more about me and where I come from!

Wedistry for Wedding Parties

The Wedistry for Wedding Parties App, which is featured on the App Store, is an excellent tool to help manage your wedding events. Simply add your wedding date, invite your wedding party members, and set the time and dates for all your wedding events to keep everyone on the same page throughout your wedding.

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Wedding Partners

Wedistry partners with several popular wedding brands such as Etsy, The Black Tux, Create & Barrel, and Minted just to name a few. You’ll find excellent wedding gift ideas on our affiliate page that will both provide great inspiration for your wedding gift or registry and may even score you a discount. All sales may earn a commission from purchases.

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