How To Announce The Wedding Party. 4 Of Our Best Tips

Announce the wedding party with these tips that will help this moment of your wedding reception to shine. The wedding party introductions are a hallmark of the wedding reception. Still, it’s also an important moment because it’s the official introduction of the wedding party members and helps to prepare for the introduction of the bride and groom.

Setting The Wedding Reception Stage

In many ways, the wedding party introductions are a way to get the official party started at the wedding. This is one of the first moments at this wedding event that helps everyone to know that they are in the right place at the right time. Typically the introductions are done by a wedding DJ or master of ceremonies if there is no wedding DJ. As this is a common task for the DJ to perform, they will shine and should be well-equipped to get everyone excited about participating in this wedding. It’s an important moment because it marks the transition from the formal ceremony to most times a different venue where people can relax and celebrate the festivities.

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Announce The Wedding Party

The DJ or master of ceremonies announces the wedding party in a specific order that the wedding planner determines. Like the places where the wedding party stands during the ceremony, there is a reason behind who is matched to enter the reception together. Some factors like height, relationship, and role in the wedding play a factor. For example, the Maid of Honor and Best Man may process in together followed by the remaining bridesmaids and groomsmen.

That’s right, this part of the reception, although there may be other wedding party members such as ushers, musicians, and family members, is typically reserved for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The introduction isn’t meant to be a full resume of who the person is and their relationship to the bride or groom. This is meant to help people to know the name and face and again, get everyone excited about being at the event.

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Bridal Party Entrance Into Reception

When you announce the wedding party, it gets the party started and prepares the way for the bride and groom. This part of the wedding is known to be when the wedding party has an opportunity to have fun and come up with a catchy routine that will make the guests laugh and know that it’s all right to have a good time. Even though the dance floor doesn’t open immediately after the entrance, people will remember that the tone is set even after more serious moments like the wedding speeches and the first dances.

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Question About Bridal Party Entrance

Many people ask, who goes first in the bridal party entrance? This depends on more details such as the seating arrangement. If there is a head table, it will be simply according to whom you want to be seated first. That way, when each couple is finished with their dance or stroll into the wedding reception venue, they can go to opposite sides of the head table pretty seamlessly.

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Preparing For Bride and Groom Entrance

As much as it will seem for a moment that the wedding party introductions are all about them, it’s really all about the bride and groom entrance. The wedding party announcements simply give this group a great opportunity to liven up the space, give joy to the room, and prepare for the real stars of the show to appear happily married.

After the bride and groom are introduced at the wedding ceremony and exit, this is the first official welcoming of the couple at the wedding reception. It’s actually a huge moment because it’s the first time that a community receives, welcomes, and celebrates them formally. For that reason, be sure to take plenty of photos and enjoy the moment as much as you can. Even if it seems like a fleeting moment, this is actually very important to the couple and the community.

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