Our Best 2024 Atlanta Wedding Ceremony Recommendations

Atlanta Wedding Ceremony Ideas are waiting for you in this post. If you live in the Atlanta, Georgia, area or are thinking about having your wedding events in the area for some reason, save this post as a reference point. Atlanta has plenty of great options to choose from for your ceremony and all of your wedding events.

Peachtree Christian Church

In the heart of Atlanta, Peachtree Christian Church offers a stunning sanctuary with everything you want for a traditional wedding ceremony venue. From the stained glass windows that beautifully illustrate the Scriptures and the Gospel of Jesus to the beautiful wood pews and an organ that is one of the city’s most breathtaking, this space offers everything you would desire in a wedding space.

The long aisle to the altar provides enough space for the bride to enter gracefully. Everyone has time to take in the experience, with plenty of time to space and observe the sacred space. The natural light alone will make for gorgeous wedding photos, but if you need a crew with equipment, there will also be plenty of space to do so.

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church

Peachtree Road United Methodist Church offers another stunning location for your Atlanta wedding ceremony. The only drawback for this choice that comes to mind is that if you gather in the traditional location at the altar for your ceremony, you are sort of in the middle of the space and may not feel as close to the front, with a spacious altar that leads into the choir stand.

If that is not an issue for you, this space’s other stylized and immaculate features are sure to wow your guests and make you feel like you are having a proper wedding. In other words, this space sets the tone for your ceremony and lets everyone, including your guests and wedding party, know something special will occur.

Decatur First United Methodist Church

Located in the heart of Decatur near Emory University, the first thing that this beautiful venue has going for it is its location. Whether you and your guests decide to stay in downtown Decatur for a convenient commute to the wedding ceremony or stay downtown and make a short yet worthwhile drive to the venue on the morning of the wedding, this location can’t be lost.

Once you enter, you can see why this is a premier choice for an Atlanta wedding ceremony. Plenty of space for all your guests, a well-maintained sanctuary, and as much space as you could need throughout the church make this a must-consider location.

Sandy Springs United Methodist Church

Although Sandy Springs United Methodist Church is not as centrally located as other options, this becomes an advantage as Sandy Springs is a great neighborhood in which to host your guests from out of town. They will start by being in an area that is quiet and offers plenty of great food and entertainment.

Like many others on this list, this setting includes a state-of-the-art organ and musical arrangement that will make this a favorite for anyone planning a detailed musical program. This space may not have the same types of decorations as the other choices on this list; however, you will feel at home and eat at ease for your Atlanta wedding ceremony.

The Cathedral of St. Phillip

This highly-rated and recommended Atlanta wedding venue spot continues to prove itself as a select option choice. This Buckhead location is also in the heart of Atlanta but slightly north of downtown. This choice may be the most ornate and well-preserved option on this list. If the only criterion was choosing a stunning setting, this may be your choice. Add to this the aforementioned location, and you are already in the running.

But that’s not all this location has to offer. As a location that is very familiar with hosting musical recitals and events, this church is prepared to accommodate any level of musical presentation you choose to include in your wedding, which is a huge bonus if that’s an important part of your wedding.

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