How To Choose The Perfect Backyard Wedding Tux

You love your fiancé, the venue is perfect, and you’re ready to say “I do” — almost. Organizing a backyard wedding can be challenging, and finding the perfect tux for your groom might seem impossible.

But there is hope! With new tools and policies, formal attire for a backyard wedding isn’t out of reach anymore.

In this article, we’ll look at tips for helping your fiance find the right tux for your big day. I’ll show you what to look for when selecting fabrics and silhouettes and which rental companies might offer fits that won’t compromise style or budget.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tuxedo for a Backyard Wedding

When it comes to the Wedding Day, sometimes the groom’s attire is not very high on the priority list when thinking about what he will wear. Other things like the venue location, the officiant, all of the wedding vendors, and the menu are just a few items that need to be taken care of, and rightfully so. You have contracts and schedules to meet, so what the groom and the groomsmen in the wedding party will wear can often get left to handle later than these other essential items.

When thinking about an outdoor wedding, think about the weather. You have several options in either case, but it’s so important to have a good option and a backup plan depending on the typical weather in the wedding venue or backyard area. You can start with a basic dress shirt, tie, and vest if you think it will be warmer and if a blazer will be too hot. A collared shirt might work better; you can always add layers if needed.

Another important thing to remember with micro weddings or a garden wedding setting is how many people are in your wedding party. Having 12 groomsmen in one type of backyard wedding tux dress will look different than having just 2 or 3 groomsmen. The dress codes will matter depending on what they wear and how many there are.

Of course, as we mentioned, the wedding colors are also very important. You will have more time and flexibility to adjust your backyard wedding tux attire for you and your groomsmen, but you will still want to align with the wedding design to be sure that you look your best in the wedding photos.

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Tuxedo to a Backyard Wedding

Micro or backyard weddings can save money, provide an intimate setting for your friends and family, and have a very inviting atmosphere. The drawback is that it doesn’t have the structure of formal weddings. Things may not start when they should when guests and a wedding party get comfortable at home. But at the same time, there is more flexibility if something takes a little longer. The beauty of a backyard wedding is knowing that it’s a familiar setting for your wedding day. Intimate backyard weddings will be considerably less expensive than other venues, primarily because the venues are one of the higher wedding costs.

Types of Tuxedos Suitable for a Backyard Wedding

Single Breasted Jacket

If you choose a jacket at all, a single-breasted jacket might do the job. Consider this simple yet stylish choice that will meet the mood and be all that a backyard wedding tux should be. This choice with a floral tie should endure this wedding season regarding style choice.


Double Breasted Jacket

A double-breasted jacket will also be in style in 2023. But again, consider the weather when making this selection.

Slim Fit Jackets

A slim-fit jacket may seem like the best choice; however, we will say it again. The weather is the main factor here. You may want a little breathing room if you live in a warm temperature location.

Peaked Lapel Jackets

A peaked lapel jacket with a pattern or a white dress shirt makes a statement. This style, if chosen, will certainly hold its own throughout your wedding day events.


Notched Lapel Jackets

A notched lapel jacket in a neutral color may be just what you need for a backyard wedding tux. This option meets the formal attire checkbox and is just right for the setting.


Accessories to Complete the Look

A tie clip is a simple choice that always adds plenty of character to the backyard wedding tux. This is perhaps the simplest way to enhance your look. Keep reading for more options!

Bow Tie Options Cummerbunds, Vests, and Waistcoats Pocket Squares Cufflinks & Jewelry Shoes & Socks Hats

The best combination of accessories is key for your wedding day choice. The great thing about a backyard wedding is that you have a little more room for creativity than in a more traditional space or indoors. Your dress shoes are also key in this space. Be sure to pick something that’s comfortable but can endure the elements.

Ideas for Color Coordination

Although it’s difficult to coordinate outdoor wedding guest attire, you may want to hint to your guests about how they may coordinate with the wedding design. Of course, this will be completely optional, but at the same time, it will make those wedding photos that much sweeter.


In conclusion, the perfect backyard wedding tux is one that you feel comfortable in and reflects your personality. Whether you go with a classic black-and-white look or something more daring and stylish, make sure it’s tailored to fit you — after all, it’s your day! So, don’t be afraid to be bold and show off your unique style on your special day!

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