Wedding Photography to Inspire your Beautiful Destination Wedding

Wedding photography can be a difficult task. The purpose of this blog post is to make it fun because it is for anyone who has decided or will have a destination wedding but has not chosen the destination wedding location.

This post will help you pick beautiful venues for your wedding photography and wedding pictures in a perfect location; in this post, we have also included some examples of popular destinations and locations for a destination wedding.

Your Beautiful Destination Wedding

Some of our favorite pins from our Pinterest page will inspire you to choose your location for your beautiful destination wedding!

beautiful destination wedding

What Is A Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is when two people get married at a place they love, whether it’s their hometown or somewhere else. It’s a special occasion where you’ll spend time together before getting married and after your honeymoon.

Destination weddings are becoming more popular than ever. They’re great for couples who don’t live near one another or if you want to travel with your spouse. If you’re planning on having a destination wedding, here are some things to consider:

1. Location

Where do you want to have your destination wedding? Do you want to go somewhere exotic like Bora Bora, or do you prefer something around water like the gorgeous beaches of Hawaii, Private Island / Private beaches or would you prefer something cheaper and closer to home? Maybe a nearby luxurious resort with stunning views of the waterfront. Also, consider what weather you’d like to experience during your wedding day. The location you choose provides a perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. However, make sure your wedding guests are also able to make it to the venue.

2. Budget

How much money do you have available for your destination wedding? Are you looking for an inexpensive option, or do you plan on spending a lot of money? Think about how many guests you want to invite and how much food you want to serve them. Also, think about any additional expenses that may come up, such as flights, lodging, etc.

3. Time Frame

How long do you need to plan your dream wedding? Is it months or weeks? Some destinations take longer to reach than others, so you might want to factor that into your timeline.

4. Honeymoon

Do you want to save your honeymoon for your first anniversary? Or do you want to enjoy your honeymoon right after your wedding? Either way, you’ll want to decide where you want to go. Maybe you’ve already booked a hotel room, but you still haven’t found that perfect spot yet.

5. Guests

Do you want to invite family members, friends, or both? How many people do you want to invite? Decide which ones you want to include in your wedding party and which ones you want to leave. Make sure to have a guest list beforehand.

6. Venue

If you’ve already found a venue, then you’re halfway done! Some prefer lush gardens, while others may like crystal-clear water at pristine beaches at a tropical destination. Choose a venue that matches your style and preferences. But if you haven’t yet, you’ll need to find a space that meets your needs. Outdoor venues could range from a garden and luxurious all-inclusive resorts to a quaint beachfront resort.

7. Transportation

Will you rent a car, fly, or drive? What type of transportation do you want to use? There are pros and cons to each, so weigh those options carefully.

8. Ceremony

Will you have a ceremony at your destination wedding? If so, you’ll need to figure out what kind of ceremony you want.

9. Reception

Are you going to have a reception at your destination wedding? What kind of reception do you want? You’ll also need to determine what kind of reception you want. Do you want to host a sit-down dinner, or do you want to have a buffet-style meal?

10. Food & Drink

You can either have a sit-down meal or a buffet-style reception. Which do you prefer?

11. Music

Is music important to you? Do you want to play your songs, or do you want to hire musicians?

12. Season

What season is it when you get married? Will you be having your wedding in the summertime, wintertime, fall, spring season, rainy season, or another time of year?

13. Weather

Is the weather nice where you live now, or will you travel elsewhere?

14. Dress Code

Do you want to wear white, black, or another color?

15. Theme

Do you want to incorporate a theme into your wedding? For example, maybe you love the beach with blue waters around, so you want to have a beach-themed wedding. Or maybe you want to have a rustic wedding, so you want to decorate your wedding venue with wood and greenery.

16. Flowers

Do you want to have flowers at your wedding? And if so, what kind of flowers would you like to see on your wedding day?

The Challenge

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want everything to be perfect, and that includes your wedding photos. But with so many choices, it can be tough to decide which wedding photographer is right for you.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your destination wedding, then look no further! In this blog post, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful wedding photography worldwide. From the beaches of Bali to the white-sand beaches and blue water of the Caribbean island, these photos will have you dreaming of your idyllic destination wedding.

As mentioned in other blog posts, the challenge is the overwhelming number of locations to choose from.

You shouldn’t choose your location because of photos, but these photos might inspire you to decide. Here are some of the main factors that should help you to make your decision about location:

beautiful destination wedding


Regarding finding the perfect venue, there are many options; unless you are very well-traveled, recommendations and word of mouth will mean everything in selecting the location for your beautiful destination wedding. The reason for this might be apparent. A site can look much different in person than in a photo or video; for example, a beautiful beach you might have looked at online will look different in person. There is nothing like traveling somewhere in person. However, not everyone will have the opportunity to visit their location ahead of time. This is when we should rely on recent reviews to ensure that the wedding goes as planned.


The challenge with establishing a wedding design is that unless you plan on using a theme used by someone you know in the same location, it might look much different with your special touches. There isn’t much that you can do about this except rely on the recommendations of expert wedding planners and designers. With this level of expertise, your team will be able to use photos to construct a design that best fits your wedding.

When traveling internationally, there is not much room for error. This is why working with someone familiar with the venue might be a very helpful consultant, if not the main wedding designer for you. This person should at least work with your wedding planner/designer from back home so that you can see that everything is set up to your preferences.


Choosing a dress for your beautiful destination wedding is part of the fun. Your dress will certainly be different than in a traditional space. Yet you have so many options to choose from. You will want to consider the elements, the typical local forecast, and what kind of travel will be necessary between the locations and venues where your wedding will occur. Do you plan to ride scooters along the coast after your ceremony? Do you plan to put the top down and go on a local tour? Whatever you do, remember how to keep yourself comfortable, and your dress preserved during your exciting wedding event plans.


The events you include in your destination wedding will also differ from those you would have at a traditional stateside wedding. But that’s a good thing. Suppose you choose to have a beautiful wedding destination in the location of your choice, either where you learned that you loved your spouse-to-be or a place that was highly recommended; this is the part to enjoy. The location will be a character in your story.

It will inspire you to remember how special these days were when you think about your wedding on each anniversary. Your member will take you back to these events: the star-lit rehearsal dinner, the breathtaking photos before the wedding ceremony, and the first look with a background you couldn’t pay enough for. Soak it up. Do your best to remember every moment. Sure, photos will help you to remember, but nothing can replace your memory that is filled with gratitude for the blessed days that led up to your wedding and the even more blessed days that will follow.


The cost of your beautiful destination wedding will vary depending on key factors such as the size of your wedding party, the location you choose, how far that location is from where you are traveling, and your personal wedding style preferences. Of course, these are not the only factors that will decide the cost of your wedding. And all of the same costs you would have had closer to home will apply except for potentially the venue.

If you were thinking of getting married in a traditional venue at home but instead get married on a beach or outside, this will be a significantly less cost. But again, if you choose to travel internationally and especially if you help with the cost of any of your family, friends, or wedding party, that cost will be offset if not surpassed by international travel.

beautiful destination wedding

Congratulations on the Next Step!

Congratulations on not only your engagement but also on deciding to have a destination wedding. These are two huge decisions you have made, and although you will have many more to make, you will be glad these are decided.

How will this post help you? Well, the blessing of wedding photography is that you will be transported worldwide to see how other destination weddings have been done by looking at photos. This will help your decision about location and give you ideas about how you would like your wedding photography to look.

A Few Locations for Inspiration

These photos make you want to book your trip immediately and bring your loved ones along for your special occasion. But After you make your decision

If possible, try to “interview” your location. If it’s not possible to visit beforehand through vacation or another method, ask as many questions as possible:

What venues are available for my preferred dates?

Is there a dress code?

What are safety guidelines? Will my wedding party be able to move freely from one event venue to another?

Wedding photography destination favorites:


beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding


beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding


beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding

4. Amalfi Coast

beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding
beautiful destination wedding

5. Playa Del Carmen

6. Rhode Island

7. Bermuda East Coast

8. Southern California

9. Italy’s Olive Groves and Green Valleys

10. Papua New Guinea Coral Reefs

11. Montego Bay

Enjoy your Wedding Planning!

We hope these destination wedding photography ideas were inspiring to you!

And so, next, make sure that your wedding vendors are all assigned. You will want to have them in place and with a contract long before your special day.

Don’t forget to check back often for new and inspiring photos for destination weddings!

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