beautiful destination wedding

Wedding photography to inspire your beautiful destination wedding

Your Beautiful Destination Wedding

Wedding photography can be a difficult task. The purpose of this blog post is to make it fun because this post is for anyone who has decided you will have a destination wedding but you have not chosen the location.

Some of our favorite pins from our pinterest page will inspire you in choosing your location!

The challenge, as we have mentioned in other blog posts, is the overwhelming number of locations to choose from.

You shouldn’t choose your location because of photos but these photos might inspire you to make a decision. Here are some of the main factors that should help you to make your decision about location:






Congratulations on the Next Step!

Congratulations on not only your engagement but also making the decision to have a destination wedding. These are 2 huge decisions that you have made and although you will have many more to make you will be glad these are decided.

How will this post help you? Well, the blessing of wedding photography is that through looking at photos you will be transported all around the world to be able to see how other destination weddings have been done. This will not only help your decision about location but also give you ideas about how you would like your wedding photography to look.

These photos will make you want to book your trip immediately and bring your loved ones along for your special occasion. But After you make your decision

If possible, try to “interview” your location. If it’s not possible to visit beforehand through vacation or another method, ask as many questions as you can like…

What venues are available for my preferred dates?

Is there a dress code?

What are safety guidelines? Will my wedding party be able to move freely from one event venue to another?

Wedding photography destination favorites:


beautiful destination wedding
Location: Tuscany
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings


beautiful destination wedding
Location: Mexico
Source: Green Wedding Shoes



beautiful destination wedding
Location: Ibiza



beautiful destination wedding
Location: Amalfi Coast

We hope these destination wedding photography ideas were inspiring to you!

And so, next make sure that your wedding vendors are all assigned. You will want to have them in place and with a contract long before your special day.

Don’t forget to check back often for new and inspiring photos for destination weddings!

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