11 Best Bridal Shower Games to Spice up the Party

Bridal showers are a time-honored wedding tradition for ages and an opportunity for the bride’s friends and relatives to offer support through gifts, well wishes, and other forms of assistance. But if that were all, wouldn’t it be boring? Well, that’s why games exist!

Bridal shower games can bring the party to life and allow everyone a great time. Perhaps you are a sibling or friend of the bride and have difficulty coming up with the bridal shower plans. Or maybe you’re the bride herself! Picking your brains about what games to include in your bridal shower can compound your stress in planning and make the planning process more daunting than it should be. That’s no good.

Well, that’s why we’ve gone ahead of you to curate some amazing games to make your bridal shower party fun.

So, grab a seat and some popcorn as we introduce some of the best bridal shower games and activities to drive boredom far from the event.

1. True, True, False

Two Truths and a Lie is among the most popular bridal shower games. Have each guest tell the group three stories about their experiences with the bride or groom; two will be true, one false. Each guest will then have to guess which of the stories is false.

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2. Recipe Contest

Who’s got the best recipe? Find out by having the guests come with whatever recipe they want the couple to make together. Who brought the bride’s favorite dish wins!

If you’d like to play this game, include it in the invitation to enable the guests to prepare.

3. Where Were We?

This is a very simple bridal shower game where you display several photos of the couples in different locations. The guests go ahead to guess where each photograph was taken.

Attach a prize. As the girls jump for joy, guessing under pressure, you’ll notice glee filling the air.

4. Cocktail Competition

There’s enough wine, so why not make a game? Provide the guests with several ingredients and have them role-play as mixologists as they try to create your signature drink.

This bridal shower game will allow everyone to try new, exciting recipes. And how much cheers and laughter they’ll have while at it!

5. Wedding Word Puzzle

A wedding word puzzle is a perfect choice if you desire a wedding-themed game for a bridal shower. The winner is the first person to complete the puzzle. Words like “kiss, love, romance, bride, and gown” wouldn’t be too difficult to find, would they? Well, you’ll surely find out on that day.

6. Bouquet Designing

Bouquet designing is a quintessential bridal shower game that evokes the spirit of a wedding ceremony. Each lady will try to create the best bouquet using blooms from a flower bar. You can purchase one or go DIY.

Win or lose, everyone gets to take her colorful creation home.

7. Guess the Dress

Has any of the guests seen the wedding dress yet? If not, Guess the Dress is the perfect game for the bridal shower!

Arm each lady with drawing paper, pencil, markers, glitter, and tape. Let them get creative as they try to draw the wedding dress they imagine the bride would wear on the big day.

This bridal shower game will take time yet generate so much laughter as there’ll be a lot of funny-looking drawings all over the place.

Give a ten-minute deadline to heighten the thrill. This bridal shower game is so easy and fun.

8. He Said, She Said

“He said, she said,” could pass as one of the best games for bridal shower ever. Before the party or early into it, let the couple answer some questions only to your hearing. With these answers, create quotes and write them on individual pieces of paper.

Share these pieces of paper with the participants. Their job — a rather fun one — is to guess which of the couple said what.

The participant with the highest number of correct guesses emerges as the winner. Simple and fun! Offering the winner a small prize will even tune up the excitement.

9. Find the Guest

Most of the guests will be unfamiliar with each other and may not get to interact immediately. Find The Guest is one of the best bridal shower games because it’s the perfect ice-breaker.

Give each guest a checklist containing characteristics like who speaks a certain language, who is wearing red shoes, who has a kid, who’s single, etc. As they all find who matches those characteristics, they are compelled to talk to one another, and the mood lightens.

10. Bridal Shower Game of Memories

A game of memories is an excellent way to induce strong emotions during a bridal shower. A universe of treasured memories is shared between the bride and her BFFs at the party. So, ask them to write their best memories with the bride individually and put them in a basket. The bride will read them aloud. Have the guests guess who each memory belongs to.

11. Movie Quotes

If you’re looking for the best bridal shower games, Movie Quotes ranks among them. Simple and fun, Movie Quotes are all about determining in what movie a particular quote was said.

Feature quotes from old, popular movies are an excellent way to crank up tension and excitement. Let’s see who has the sharpest memory. There’ll be so much fun as each lady racks her brain searching for the movie title.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Decides What Games to Play at a Bridal Shower?

The planner or host may curate a variety of bridal shower games for the party. But they are more like suggestions. It’s important to remember that the bride is the center of attention and should decide what games will be played.

How Many Games Should Be Played at a Bridal Shower?

A bridal shower will typically last between two to four hours. Within that time, the bride will open her gifts, and everyone will have a chance to socialize. So you don’t want to spend all the time playing games.

The rule of thumb is to play an average of three games during a bridal shower. This will help optimize the excitement without boring everyone when it goes on too long.

However, list at least ten bridal shower games so the bride can choose. If every other activity has been done and the guests aren’t ready to head home yet, you can indulge in one more!

What Can You Bring to a Bridal Shower?

Bridal shower invitation cards typically give an idea regarding the party’s tone. It will usually let the invitees know who will attend, whether relatives, close friends, or only bridesmaids.

If family members and older people will be at the bridal shower, bringing only giftware like cutlery, cookware, home gadgets, etc., is advisable. Anything the bride can open in public.

If only the bridesmaids and BFFs were there, anything would go. You can even bring lingerie.

What Kinds of Prizes Are Best for Bridal Shower Games?

Prizes always make games more intense and fun. However, you don’t want to break the bank during your bridal shower. Whether it’s a flower, cork stopper, or hairband, it will get the guests passionately striving to win the prize.

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