What’s the Best Month to Have a Wedding?

If you are still deciding on a wedding date and are unsure of the best time of year for your special day, this blog post is for you. Each season and each month has advantages depending on where you live or where you will travel for your wedding ceremony.

By the end of this post, you might have a better idea of what season or month you want to have your wedding.

The challenge when trying to find the best month to have a wedding is thinking about so many factors, such as cost, venue availability, weather, design,

There are many options when trying to find the best month to have a wedding. Typically people have a few things in mind that are non-negotiables, like the city where the wedding will take place or your venue. But if you’re open to considering the best month to have a wedding for cost or other reasons, Wedistry’s blog post is for you.

The sooner you can decide on a wedding date, the better. You will want to get some details set as soon as possible. The wedding venue is at the top of that list because you can’t replace your preferred wedding venue.

The wedding officiant is another person you want to get committed to your wedding as soon as possible. You may be able to find an officiant last minute, but what you want is for your officiant to be involved throughout the process, from counseling and writing vows to preparing for your wedding.

The good thing is that choosing your wedding date is something that you have control over, and it’s something that you can enjoy. You can think about what season you would like to have your wedding that best fits all of your preferences. Choosing your best month to have a wedding is unlike other wedding planning that you may not have as much control over, such as how much it costs or other factors.

best month to have a wedding
What’s the Best Month to Have a Wedding? 2 best month to have a wedding

Best Month to Have a Wedding


One of the more difficult months to have a wedding is also one of the lower costs months for that same reason. If you are looking for a budget-friendly wedding that emphasizes a new beginning with your spouse-to-be and perhaps even takes advantage of a snow-filled dreamscape, this might be your month.


The obvious theme for February is Valentine’s Day, but you may or may not want to include this theme for obvious reasons such as being too obvious or your previous experience and feelings about that elusive holiday. It’s a ready-made theme, but it’s also still in the heart of winter, so this might only be your choice if you have a special story that includes Valentine’s Day.


In many locations, March is when winter weather finally breaks, and you have the opportunity for beautiful scenery, depending on your location in the US. As wedding season slowly begins in March, you will see the cost increase, and venues will become a little tougher to reserve around this time.


As wedding season gets in full swing, you will see a difference in availability in cost starting in April. Although you may be clear of snow, you will want to be careful about one of the rainiest months and keep as many of your events indoors if this is the month that works best for you. This might require a little more creativity, but there are many ways to make the most of this month that are known to be trouble regarding weather.


Like October, May is a great month because it’s not quite as competitive as June but just as beautiful regarding the weather. You may prefer a little cooler temps from May to June. Some of the most amazing weather can take place in May, depending on where you live, so this might be your first choice if you are looking for the best of all categories. This might be your best month to have a wedding.


Our first month of the year is also one of the most popular, June offers beautiful weather and has the least amount of conflicts with guests’ schedules making this the perfect combination for this highly sought-after wedding month. When you don’t have to worry about conflicting school schedules, whether it’s little ones or college, it makes for a much less stressful planning experience.

And environmentally, you likely can’t beat the weather options whether you have the wedding during the day or later in the evening, it’s bound to have a much higher chance of a gorgeous day. Expect costs during June to be top tier, and if you are looking for a venue, plan to grab your venue at least a year, but if possible, closer to a year and a half to 2 years ahead of time. Getting your venue will be more work, but other planning items will be much easier this month.


July is also a peak wedding month for some of the same reasons as July, but with temperatures rising for the next month or 2 it might be slightly easier to get your venue, and the costs will still be high but not as high as in June. As we get closer to the hottest summer days, you will need to be a little more strategic about when your wedding events occur.

Please don’t take your wedding party to play beach volleyball the week of the wedding! You want everyone to be at their best and ready to take stunning wedding photos. We don’t need anyone getting heatstroke. If you have your wedding in July, you may want to have your ceremony a little later in the day.


August is another peak month, but as summer comes to a close, you are in the danger zone regarding the possibility of having a shockingly hot wedding day. August is known to record some of the hottest days of the year, depending on where you live, so again this is a month when you will want to have events as late as possible. Don’t shy away from August, though. With a little planning, you will not compete at the same rate as other premium months, but you may still get everything you want in cost, availability, and weather.


September is the “other” premium wedding month, along with June. Some reasons for this are the gorgeous weather in many locations, sunsets, design possibilities, and more. Everything you want could happen in the perfectly placed September month. You have much less chance of troublesome weather, but everything else you want or need is possible.

For that reason, you will see some of the highest prices during September, and you will have as hard a time as any month when booking your venue and vendors. If you choose September, be sure to book as far out in advance as possible and keep your wedding planner and those helping, likely in your wedding party, aware that they might need to put in a little extra effort to help you with planning.


October might be a sneaky kind of good month if you want to keep costs down, not pay premium prices for venue and vendors, and have weather that is still beautiful but not too hot or cold. In October, you can go all-in on a fall design at just about any location in the country and have a beautiful wedding. Another excellent choice for your best month to have a wedding.


November is not typically a peak month, but it may be beneficial for your fall wedding, especially if you consider a backyard wedding. Think about the fall wedding design theme and how this date may best suit you. It will start to get cool, of course, so think about having your ceremony earlier in the day or this is when you may need to make sure that all of your events are indoors. Even think about traveling and walking to your events because many places start to see snow and winter weather this time.


December can be another strategic choice because you may be able to host your wedding during the holiday break without completely running your guests’ holiday plans. This might be a welcome choice, especially if you know that most of your guests won’t be traveling for your wedding. If you can schedule your wedding early in the holiday season and avoid the actual holidays you may have the winter wonderland wedding of your dreams, keep your costs down, and also be able to gather all of your loved ones for your special day.

Here is another great video about planning for wedding weather:

Now you’re one step closer to planning your wedding.

Next, remember to book your venue!

You can breathe a little easier now that you have found the best month to have a wedding!

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