Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $1000

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under $1000

Wedding gift ideas for couple

Live wedding painter

best wedding gift ideas under $1000

We love the idea of having a live wedding painter at your wedding. The live wedding painter effectively serves a similar purpose to your wedding photographer but there is something special about a painting to capture a special moment. The obvious choice for the moment that you could capture is the first dance. Others could be the first kiss, the introduction of the bride and groom, or some of the venues. If you are really dedicated to this idea the wedding painter could select views from each venue or wedding event to help remember this very special day.

Similar to your wedding photos, these paintings could be displayed in a special place in your home. Or you could easily create a wedding painting album similar to a wedding photo album that keeps these paintings for you. Just remember to put the paintings in a special protective covering such as a U/V protector so that they will not fade over time. After taking the time to have these moments preserved in such a special way the last thing you want is for your paintings to fade from sunlight.

Best wedding gifts under 500

A Fire Pit

Let’s be honest. One of the gifts that couples will really appreciate and definitely use is a fire pit. It doesn’t have to be one with the beautiful oak tree design shown in the photo above but it could be. A fire pit is something that will be used on a regular basis. The great thing about a fire pit is how versatile the use will be. You could use the fire pit during a date night with your spouse or you could use the fire pit as a highlight of your party or gathering with family and friends.

A fire pit is an excellent wedding gift choice for under $500. Just make sure to check with the couple to ask whether they are interested in a fire pit, whether they have room for it, and most importantly whether the design fits their aesthetic. As long as this gift choice meets these three requirements for your couple this should be a gift that lasts a long time and is greatly appreciated.

Unforgettable wedding gifts

This wedding gift idea is unforgettable because it will remind the couple when and where they met, got engaged, and got married in one graphic. This brilliant wedding gift idea creates memories and bundles of nostalgia every time the couple gazes at it. It will also help the children to remember when their anniversary is! You can customize this option based on your locations and the names of the couple with a little help from our friends at Etsy. Just click on the photo above to get to the link to purchase.

Just think about it. Where else will you have this information displayed in the same place in such a lovely way? This is an excellent and unforgettable wedding gift choice that only costs $58.

Wedding gifts for couples who have everything

In Lieu of Favors Wedding Charity Sign

It’s the thought and the gift that counts with this excellent design for a charitable gift instead of favors at your wedding. This could also easily be a wedding shower gift. For the couples who have everything consider this choice for your wedding guests. Giving is always helpful for someone in need and this gesture shows that you are not intending to gain more but to give more to others. This will certainly be noticed and appreciated!

$1,000 gifts for her

Gold diamond tops, white gold earrings

This gift is reserved for the groom (to purchase). If you are looking for a gift for your bride, consider these stunning white gold earrings as an option. This will certainly exceed expectations and will provide a memorable gift as a part of your wedding experience. The only issue is that this will be a tough gift to top in future years. But don’t let that stop you if this is a gift that’s within your price range. The cost of these earrings is right at $1,000. But you can be certain that the value and the statement that they will make will hold up very well.

These earrings will accessorize almost anything. The versatility and fashion options with these are endless. You will not be disappointed.

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