Best Wedding Registry Stores for 2023

The best wedding registry stores provide variety, convenience, quality products, and the right price point.

The Best Wedding Registry Stores for 2023

best wedding registry stores
Best Wedding Registry Stores for 2023 3 best wedding registry stores


Similar to Walmart, Amazon’s advantage is accessibility and convenience. You may not need next-day shipping with your wedding registry items, but it is nice to know that you could have everything you need in a day or two, depending on availability. Of course, Amazon also owns one of the largest varieties of retail options. You can rest assured that not only will your items arrive quickly, but you will also receive them very quickly. Amazon also has a wide enough variety that you have a very good chance of finding the item you need in their inventory.

Amazon also ships worldwide through third-party retailers, so what is not in their inventory may be sold by just the right person in a different country. In this case, it will take longer to arrive at your doorstep, but it’s another advantage of Amazon.


Anthropologie is the leader in fashion on our list. You may not want to tell people that your registry has Anthropologie as your first and only answer; however, including items from there on your registry makes sense. Depending on where you are in life and your particular needs, you may need to add to your wardrobe more than purchase home maintenance items. Or maybe you need both. But, in either case, Anthropologie is a great supplement to complete your registry.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel will be your selection for those “dream” home items. This is where you will add the items to your registry that you hope and expect to last for a very long time. Crate & Barrel is known for its sturdy, appealing, yet somehow elegant and well-designed products for your home furnishings. If you need a dining room table, or if you’re starting from scratch and need to stock your kitchen appliances with things like cutting boards, tea kettles, and silverware, you may want to include items from Crate & Barel in your registry.

Think about it this way. This may be your only chance to set up your home with some of these items, so if you think someone may be able and willing to get you that stand mixer, this is one place to look. But remember that some other stores may offer some of the same brands that Crate & Barrel sells so be sure to compare the prices first.

Pottery Barn

Of course, Pottery Barn offers a very particular style and taste, but if it’s one that you prefer, this should also be on your list of the best wedding registry stores. Their unique style is one that you won’t quite find anywhere else.

When I think about Pottery Barn, I think about fall style and furnishings. If you have a particular preference for seasonal design for example, this should be at the top of you list


Target is a favorite retailer due to its balance of quality products, affordable prices, and design. It wouldn’t be surprising to put Target at the top of your wedding registry options because you can find home goods, auto, repair, sporting goods, clothing, and home and health care. You wouldn’t necessarily ask for items in all of your departments in your registry, but think about needing to take items back and exchange them for what you need if the items you receive are not what you need or if you accidentally receive duplicates, for example. Like a handful of other stores, Target might have everything you need and most of what you want.

Their generous return policy makes it even easier to return registry items. You can return them up to a year from the purchase date.


Walmart is an obvious choice for some very obvious reasons. Walmart has a wide variety of selections for a very affordable price. If you choose to use Walmart for your wedding registry, you can get everything you need to start your life together and all the basics you can imagine. You may not be able to find the finer and more elegant items, but you may have the chance to stock up on what you need for months if not years. Walmart corners the market on the lowest prices because of its intentional statement to be a large retailer with affordable prices and everything that comes with or needs to make it happen.


Thanks for checking this list, and please check back soon for an update and the pros and cons!

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