May 26


Bride Guide to the Best 2021 Wedding Apps

Hey bride! Check this post regularly for the best wedding apps you will need to plan your wedding!

With just a few of the best apps you will be completely on top of your wedding planning. Don’t use too many though, or you will stress yourself even more.

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The challenge today is that there are so many amazing apps out there even for wedding planning. We highlighted just a few for you that we think will really save you time and stress.

Let’s think about what you actually need

The biggest needs the bride will have in wedding planning are:

Wedding party/events & schedule




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These apps are great for the 2021 bride because in 2021 you have to consider social media and they way we live today.

Our favorite wedding apps for 2021


With these 5 apps, you will successfully set up your registry, your schedule and events, and invite and coordinate your entire wedding party. You will also have all the inspiration you need, set up your gorgeous wedding invitations and complete your budget!

Wedding apps will save the bride precious time

With these amazingly helpful apps the bride will be ready to go!

And so, the next step after reading this blog post is to download the following apps and spend some time on creating your wedding. A few hours with these apps, even if you split up the time over a few days, will save you days in planning guaranteed.

The only question now is, “which app will you download first?”


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