5 Essential Bride Wedding Accessories You Must Have

What are bride accessories?

The bride’s wedding accessories are the pieces that the bride wears to display detail and elegance. These pieces, one by one, show the bride’s personality and what this wedding and marriage mean to her. That may be a slight overstatement, but the accessories the bride wears tell the story of how the bride feels. Also, the bride’s wedding accessories are sometimes gifs from the groom or others, so that’s another example of the important meaning of these pieces.

Types of Bride Wedding Accessories

Shoes, purses, jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, veils, flower arrangements, perfume, and tiaras.

Bridal Shoes

The shoes are almost so important that they should not be considered accessories. The shoes are a part of the primary attire that the bride will wear. However, because shoes are technically considered an accessory, we thought they should be included here. Just remember, bridal shoes, whether for the wedding ceremony or the reception, wedding rehearsal, wedding shower, or other events, will quickly become costly. When thinking about shoe budget, don’t just think about the ceremony but all the events throughout the wedding.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Bride Shoes

When choosing bridal shoes, one of the most important things to consider is how many events you purchase for. Of course, the ceremony shoes are critical to your ensemble for that special hour. But don’t forget that for planning and especially budgeting, you will need shoes for bridesmaids’ day, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, and even your wedding dress fitting. First, count how many new shoes you will need for these events. Then, think about how to style these different events.

Different Types of Bridal Shoes

The different types of bridal shoes reflect the event type and the wedding style. For example, for a wedding ceremony, a bride might consider a shoe more adept for an outdoor beach or garden wedding. For an indoor wedding, the bride might consider whether there will be a traditional indoor ceremony or a more contemporary dress. After these basic decisions are made, she can further plan by deciding how the wedding design will fit the venue. And then, the options for the shoe that she chooses for the wedding event are endless.

There are so many different options for each type of event. Consider the color with your wedding planner and trusted advisors when planning the wedding design. Of course, certain colors will be clear choices for each event, such as white wedding shoes for the ceremony. But one idea that you could try is to make a color palette for your wedding design for your whole wedding. That way, if you choose a certain color dress for your wedding shower, it will still fit within your wedding design. This means that your accessories can also fit within your wedding design if you have an overall color scheme.

Matching Your Gown with Perfect Shoes

The choice for your wedding ceremony shoes is an important one. Before trying to make the perfect match with your wedding gown, remember that you will want to be comfortable for the ceremony. You will at least want to be comfortable with how you feel walking down the aisle. Sure, you will want to look amazing for your spouse but remember that you don’t have to put additional stress on yourself by choosing shoes that are difficult to walk in.

Top Brands in Bridal Footwear

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of shoes for your big day, finding a trusted brand is essential. There are so many bridal shoe brands out there that offer a variety of styles, designs, and colors to fit your needs. Some top brands in bridal footwear include Badgley Mischka, Stuart Weitzman, Nina, and Betsey Johnson. All these brands have a wide range of styles that will make you look amazing on your big day.

Some additional affordable options include J. Renee, Chinese Laundry, and Charles David. These brands offer styles that will fit everyone’s budget and have a great selection.

Bridal Wedding Accessories

There are many options for finding the perfect bridal shoes for your big day. From high-end designs to affordable options, you will surely find something that fits your wedding design and venue. Remember, you can always change shoes and accessories if you need them to fit your schedule. Let your wedding party know what you need; they will have whatever you need waiting for you.

Finding the Right Options

Bride shoes are an essential part of your bridal ensemble. It is important to consider how many events you will purchase for and the different types of bridal shoes.


One of the accessories with the most room for creativity is jewelry selections. From earrings to a tiara to bracelets and hair pins, there are so many amazing pieces to choose from for your jewelry. The great thing is that, unlike your dress and shoes, the weather and venue type will rarely affect what type of jewelry you will wear. For these fine details, it’s more about your wedding design and color palette that may affect what types of jewelry you decide to wear.

Statement Necklaces and Earrings for Adding Style to Your Look

Here is an example of a statement necklace and earring combination that you may enjoy!

bride wedding accessories

Finding the Perfect Jewelry to Complement Your Gown

One important thing is matching your jewelry to your wedding gown. This takes understanding the jewelry style, for example, how large the beads are. You want the beads to be a consistent size on your chosen pieces. It’s a little different if we’re talking about earrings, but still, for the most part, consistency is key. When selected carefully, all of your pieces will create a stunning ensemble that will rightfully bring the attention in the room to you, the bride.

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