Can I Have Bridesmaids But No Groomsmen?

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If you are planning a wedding and your groom is not interested in having groomsmen, Wedistry’s post is for you. Having bridesmaids but no groomsmen just might be the right solution for you.

At the end of this post, we want you to feel more at ease about your decision to have bridesmaids without groomsmen or not. We will share some good reasons and some not-so-good reasons.

The Challenge with Choosing the Wedding Party

The challenge is always making everyone happy, right? We know that’s usually impossible, right? Instead, let’s think about this in terms of what we will want when we look back on our wedding 5-10 years from now.

Oh no, you’re thinking. I want bridesmaids, but my husband does not want to have any groomsmen. Well, keep reading for best practices for having bridesmaids but no groomsmen.

bridesmaids but no groomsmen
Can I Have Bridesmaids But No Groomsmen? 2 bridesmaids but no groomsmen

Let’s be honest, besides the couple, the bridesmaids are really the heart of the wedding Why? Because they are supporting the bride whose preparation is usually more difficult and time-consuming than the groom’s This is not always the case but it is the case most of the time. The bride’s wardrobe, photos, and part in planning are usually greater and this requires more support.

The bridesmaids are really superheroes in not so much of a disguise there to help at a moment’s notice. So the point is that if you are considering not having bridesmaids just for balance or photos don’t. Go ahead and have your bridesmaids because you are going to need them. What you can do if you are thinking about how this will look is have the bridesmaids appear differently than in a traditional wedding.

Here is another article on this topic that you might find helpful:

A few good reasons to have bridesmaids but no groomsmen

A Few Good Reasons to Have Bridesmaids but No Groomsmen

All of the groom’s friends and family are unavailable for one reason or another

Covid and or cost

You are having a micro wedding

You are having a destination wedding

And A Few Not So Good Reasons

For photos

To have a balanced wedding party number

So that each wedding party member has a date

The important thing to think about is what do the bride and groom really want? Put another way, do you want to be supported? Do you want to have photos that look nice aesthetically or to truly represent your life together?

The reason to have a balance in the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen is not to have beautiful photos, although it does help. The reason is so that the bride and groom are equally supported. Traditionally, it’s ok to have an uneven number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Typically a range of 2 more bridesmaids or groomsmen is the industry-accepted standard. However, if you are thinking about not having any groomsmen the important thing is whether the groom is still getting everything he needs as far as preparation, last-minute details, and everything else he needs.

This may also require some creativity. Here are some areas that will look a little different if you decide to go with only bridesmaids:

The photoshoot

If you decide on no groomsmen, this is the part that will likely require the most creativity. You may want to arrange the bridesmaids and the couple in a way that includes everyone rather than having one party stand on one side.

The introductions at the reception

Instead of the traditional wedding party member entering with one or 2 people you will have more of a single file entrance that highlights each person.

The ceremony

You may even think about not all of the bridesmaids standing during your ceremony, or at least not for the whole ceremony. The more bridesmaids you have without groomsmen will bring more attention to the imbalance here. You could always include a few bridesmaids at a time during different parts of the ceremony, for example having someone sing, someone assist with the rings, lighting of the candle, etc. It will be challenging if you have a large bridesmaid party but just know that you have options besides the bridesmaids standing for the entire ceremony.

Hopefully, you feel a little better about your decision to have bridesmaids or not if you have decided on no groomsmen. But remember, it’s about what you need more than how your wedding looks and the best test is to always think about how you will feel about your decision in the future.

Next, don’t forget to complete the time-sensitive parts of your wedding planning such as reserving your venue or your wedding officiant.

Now all you have to do is invite your bridesmaids! Look out for a blog post soon about when you should invite them!

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