Bridesmaids’ Day is the new Bachelorette Party

Ladies, this post is for you if you are planning your wedding party events. First, let’s start with a renaming and re-imaging of the old familiar event. You may know it as the bachelorette party. We call it Bridesmaids’ Day.

Also, the challenge is old habits die hard. Bridesmaids’ Day is the right re-imagining of this event for our current era.

We mostly need new terms for our wedding events.

Therefore, many of the terms we use in weddings are no longer relevant at best and oppressive at worst.

For instance, it’s healthy to balance tradition with creativity.

The history of wedding events?

Listen, can you honestly say that you know the origin of all the traditions of your wedding? Do you know why we wear what we wear? How about when we started throwing the garter? Perhaps when we began the practice of giving away the bride?

Therefore, not everyone includes these practices. For the most part however these customs are very prevalent in today’s weddings.

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In a similar fashion, this blog post primarily re-imagines one wedding event, the bachelorette party, or rather, bridesmaids’ day.

Look no further if you would like to re-imagine and re-create how you view your wedding events and your wedding party. It’s your wedding. That means that you get to decide how you want.


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It’s time to create your wedding events!

Next, have fun re-naming and re-imaging your events like bridesmaids’ day based on the purpose of your wedding!

By the way, purpose is defined as the reason something is being done or that something exists. Our reason is to represent our faith in a genuine way. Bridesmaids’ Day is just one example! Re-imagining your wedding events and customs is a great way to express your faith! As a Christian, I’m excited to think about including related elements. Communion, a homily, and worship songs for example can remain the same with a new perspective.

Finally, now that you have re-imagined your bachelorette party into Bridesmaids’ Day, what will you re-imagine next?

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