How Do Bridesmaids Get to the Church? 4 Helpful Tips.

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Congratulations on your wedding! It’s almost time for your wedding. I have one question. How will your bridesmaids get to the church?

This question is important because the bridesmaids must arrive at the church in time to help the bride prepare for the ceremony but not too early.


How Your Bridesmaids Get to the Church

Carpool with designated parking

This is not our preferred option, but it will work. You can always have bridesmaids get to the church by driving each other. This will work well, especially if the bridesmaids are staying in a hotel close to the venue(s) and there is designated parking. The last thing you want is to get to the church to help your bride get ready, and there is nowhere to park because you need to make several trips to drop off bridesmaids. Be sure you have a place to park if you choose this option.

An Uber, Lyft, or rideshare service

This is one of the preferred methods to get bridesmaids to the church because you are using a committed service to one thing and getting you to your desired destination on time. The reasons to use this service are simply if you can afford to do so and if the venue is far from the hotel during rush hour in a large city. If you are working with these factors, you may want to try a different method for arriving at the church. But if you have time, if it looks like the coast is clear, you should go ahead and call an Uber or similar service.

A ride from the groomsmen, usher, wedding planner, or someone in the wedding party.

If you have very dependable people at your wedding party, you may ask them to help with transportation. This is the method I used for my wedding because the distance was not far from the hotel, parking was a little tight, and because, and this is a very important factor, the groomsman who helped with transportation could easily walk from the hotel to the church after transporting the wedding party.

The groomsmen and ushers are good transporters because they understand the wedding schedule well. Still, they don’t have as much responsibility on the morning of the wedding until the guests arrive and it’s time to start seating. Getting guests to the church from the hotel is typically a good job for groomsmen and ushers.

Ways not to have bridesmaids get to the church:

Walking – even on a beautiful day without obstacles, it’s not worth it. Too many things could go wrong. Just think about keeping your attire as clean as possible.

Figuring it out on the wedding day – the last thing you want to do is figure out your transportation plan or any part of it on the wedding day. Have a solid plan in place beforehand.

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