Where Do Bridesmaids Keep Their Phones? 1 Simple Solution.

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Bridesmaids have some of the toughest jobs during the bride with all of her needs is a special and unique task. Bridesmaids take care of everything from transportation and planning, wardrobe for the bride, communication with family, logistics, and even helping the wedding planner with dealing with vendors and venues. Not to mention helping to keep up the design and aesthetic.

But with all of those tasks in mind, there is one very important detail that sometimes goes unnoticed or overlooked until the last minute. That question is, where do bridesmaids keep their phones? Well, asking someone else like your spouse, friend, or family member may work for a few minutes but in today’s world, it’s ideal and even safer if you have your phone with you at all times.

There is a better option for where to keep your phone and this simple blog post is to share a realistic, functional, and affordable option for you!

bridesmaids keep their phones

Where Bridesmaids Keep Their Phones

Here is our recommendation that you can find on Etsy!

bridemaids keep their phones

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We all know how important our phones are to us. This is magnified during a wedding because you never know what you will need to take care of for the couple or the bride. You may even need to do something for one of the guests like transport someone from the hotel to the church. You just never know and take it from someone who has been in and officiated weddings. Anything can come up on your wedding day devotional and you will want to be as close as possible to your phone.

The next question is, what about your charger? Well, you can use this same pouch to include this super-thin charger as well: Super thin phone charger.

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