Can you Use Marriott Points for Wedding Arrangements? 3 Best Tips

You may wonder, “Can you use Marriott points for wedding arrangements? Yes, you can either use your existing points for your wedding or choose to earn points from your wedding party and guests if you prefer.

can you use marriott points for wedding

Wedding Block Marriott Points

You can use your existing Marriott Bonvoy points to reserve your wedding hotel block at participating hotels. You will want to confirm this with your specific hotel ahead of time, but you should be able to use your points for this purpose. Another option is to pay for the hotel rooms and earn points on your and your guest’s stays if you are paying for the rooms.

Or, you may want to ask Marriott if you and your guests might be able to earn points from you reserving the hotel block but for them paying for the stay upon their departure. In this option, you will just want to make sure that your guests get their points if they are paying for the rooms, but you might also get credit for reserving the rooms and bringing the business to the hotel.

Either way, this is more points than you might earn on a regular stay at a Marriott hotel. At our wedding, we earned nearly 10,000 points from guests’ rooms for the wedding party. This is a pretty good deal considering that, in our case, this was for 1 night. Can you use Marriott points for wedding arrangements? Yes, but don’t stop there.

Can you Use Marriott Points for Wedding Arrangements?

Yes, and you will be pleased with how many points you receive if this is the direction you choose to go. Remember to negotiate to ask if the hotel is willing to include any benefits for having both your wedding guests and party stay at Marriott and especially if you are also having your rehearsal dinner at the hotel.

Marriott was very helpful to work with during the planning of our hotel arrangements for guests and ourselves. I would recommend working with both the corporate line and the local hotel to ensure that you are getting the best service for your wedding guests and that you are receiving the best possible promotion in terms of points and future stays. The hotel will be happy to have your wedding at their property.

Remember that they would love to reserve 20 -30 rooms or more at their property with little chance that the event will not take place or with minimal cancellations for guests. Because it would take something extraordinary for your wedding to not move forward this is great business for Marriott. When you have conversations with staff, remember not to ask too much, but at the same time, ask too much. Find out what they are willing to offer for receiving this business.

Marriott is an excellent choice for your wedding hotel. In our experience, they were flexible and were very welcoming and accommodating to our needs. One example is that we were having difficulty finding a restaurant for our rehearsal dinner that we were satisfied with. So, we decided to give the restaurant in the Marriott hotel a try.

We typically would have wanted to have our rehearsal dinner separate from our hotel; however, Marriott provided an excellent benefit and discount to have our rehearsal dinner there at a price that we would not have received if we had not stayed there. Can you use Marriott points for wedding arrangements? Certainly, and you should know that you also have more flexible options.

This is something to think about if you would like the convenience of having your rehearsal dinner close to where you are staying and would like to save money on your wedding. I recommend having dinner and/or lunch at the restaurant ahead of time as a couple, whether you choose this option or not.

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