6 Great Ways to Care for your Wedding Ring

Caring for your wedding rings begins with having someone reliable to keep them safe before the event. But wedding planning can be so stressful that neglecting such little details as who should hold the rings before the ceremony becomes easy. Although it might seem irrelevant, it’s worth your time. The wedding rings shouldn’t be with you when the officiant asks for them before making your vows. So you have to give them to someone before the ceremony.

Having a reliable person keep your wedding rings will help ensure the romantic ornaments appear precisely when you need them at the altar.

It wouldn’t be great to search everywhere for your rings when it’s time to make your vows, would it? Of course not. That can interrupt the smooth flow of things and leave you ruffled.

Who is responsible for holding the wedding rings before the event?

If you plan to have a child act as your ring bearer, it’s essential to have a trusted adult to keep the rings safe until that moment. That adorable child will still get to draw applause as they walk down the aisle bearing the ring. But before that, YOUR WEDDING RINGS HAVE TO BE WITH SOMEONE.

So, who should you give them to?

Best man or maid of honor

The best man is traditionally responsible for keeping the wedding rings safe before they’re needed at the altar. But no rule says you can’t give it to someone else. So, if you and your partner prefer to keep your rings with the bridesmaid or a family member, nothing stops you!

A family member

A close family member can hold onto your wedding rings before the ceremony. It’s all about trust and connection. If you feel your loving parent or sister is the most deserving person to hold your bands for you, have them do so.

The marriage officiant

Another option is to keep your wedding rings with the officiant. That way, no one else will bother walking up the aisle to hand you your rings.

This will also make the entire process more fluid, from the statement and vows to the ring exchange—no fumbling about for the rings since they’re already with the officiant standing in front of you.

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Should you keep your rings with the ring bearer?

Now, here’s a crucial tip you might not already know. They don’t need to hold the bands if you intend to have a child as your ring bearer. Let them hold a pillow with some fake rings or none at all. Why? You don’t want to worry about a four-year-old damaging or losing your wedding rings during the ceremony!

Ensuring your wedding rings are with a trusted adult rather than a child is one way to care for the bands. The ring bearer will still get to steal the show as they walk down with glamour, but you won’t have to worry about the rings while they do so.

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When should you hand over your rings to the carrier?

It’s easy to forget these tiny details amid the more extensive plans. And that’s why they matter. At the same time, you shouldn’t give your rings to the carrier weeks before the big day.

If you’d be having a bachelor party, you can hand it to your best man or whoever you have chosen that night, especially when you don’t want to worry about it the morning of the wedding.

However, it’s best to hold on to your wedding rings for as long as possible. So it’s great to hand them to the carrier the morning of the ceremony.

Pro tip: you might want to practice the wedding exchange with the carrier so you’ll all get up to speed before that moment. You don’t want to mess it up out of clumsiness.

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6 great ways to care for your wedding ring

Caring for your wedding rings should be a priority. They symbolize the bond and vows you shared on your big day, so you don’t want to lose them anytime soon.

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Here are six great tips on caring for your wedding ring.

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Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is crucial to wedding ring care as it helps prevent dirt build-up that promotes wear and tear. Ensure you do so gently, probably with warm water and a soft-bristled brush.

Please keep it away from drains.

You’ll want to keep your wedding ring away from drains and sinks while cleaning it. There’s too much risk of it falling in!

When washing your hands or dishes, drop your wedding ring in your pocket or away from the sink.

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Buy insurance

Most people buy high-end wedding rings because of the magnitude of what they signify. If this is you, then there’s every reason to obtain insurance so you can recoup some of the cost when it gets damaged, lost, or stolen.

The ring will likely last for years, and the market value may increase. So it’s worth appraising it occasionally to get the actual value when something happens and not what it was worth five years ago.

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Also, here’s another guide from Brides.com

Visit the jeweler for annual checkups.

Care for your wedding rings by visiting the jeweler for an annual inspection and professional cleaning. They can check for potential problems like worn prongs and loose settings and resolve them before they escalate.

But you don’t have to wait for the one-year cycle if you notice a problem. For example, something may have come loose if your wedding ring catches onto the fabric. See the jeweler as soon as you can.

Take it off sometimes.

Take off your ring when lifting weights or using harsh chemicals to avoid blemishes and indentations.

Store wedding rings with care.

How you store your jewelry matters. Care for your wedding ring by placing them gently in an uncluttered space. When you stack several jewelry pieces together, they may experience abrasion as they rub over one another. Your precious band may become unsightly when that happens.

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Wrapping up

So there you have it! Your best man, maid of honor, close family member, or officiant may hold your wedding rings before the ceremony. It would be best not to keep them with a young ring bearer so you wouldn’t worry about losing them.

However, caring for your wedding rings doesn’t end at the ceremony. Clean regularly, check in with your jewelry periodically, and keep them away from sinks.

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