What Will Surprise You About the Average Cost to Rent a Tux

The average cost to rent a tux can vary depending on your location, what brand you choose, and your style. If you want a tux for your wedding, this blog post will narrow down some choices. The average cost to rent a tux in 2023 is $175. We will give you a breakdown of this amount and some helpful options.

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Rental Tux Companies With a Good Reputation

The Black Tux is an excellent choice for tux rental for several reasons that I will explain. The convenience and quality of service make this an overall favorite. The Black Tux offers a unique and innovative customer service model that puts the customer first and provides the best experience.

I used The Black Tux for my wedding because I was impressed by the convenience that is offered to visit a store within Nordstrom at one of their locations nationwide, have the tux mailed to my home, and still have the opportunity to receive a free replacement on time before my wedding day. I also think that The Black Tux has the best style options for the price. These are the reasons they were and still would be my first choice.

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The Black Tux Cost to Rent A Tux

The Black Tux cost-to-rent tux options range from around $149 to $189 for a rental, but keep in mind they also offer the option to purchase your tuxedo, which may be well worth it, being that the style is typically very up-to-date.

Another good option is Men’s Wearhouse. You may remember getting your prom tux from this option. One of the reasons that Men’s Wearhouse is a good choice is because it is very consistent. It’s also very accessible. You probably have one in your city. Men’s Wearhouse has been around for a long time, since 1973, but they have also managed to keep up with the most popular styles and offer a great balance of cost and available options for your occasion.

They have so many stores throughout the states that it’s also very convenient for your wedding party to spend an hour or two in their local store to ensure they have the right fit to get ready for your big day. Men’s Wearhouse is still a very solid choice, and they should be able to serve your wedding party well for your event from cost to quality.

Also, National Tuxedo Rentals is another excellent choice that is well known to offer the best value for your tuxedo selection. The process is similar to The Black Tux in that you will be guided through your measurements and have the tux shipped to your home. Their featured cost to rent a tux range from $149 to $189, and they currently, as of this post, offer free shipping for anything over $139, which means that both your shipping and any returns for sizing (which are included in their service) are currently free.

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Advantages of Renting a Tux

Renting a tuxedo for a wedding, prom, or formal event is very common. Most people decide that the cost of renting a tux is more reasonable than buying a tux. When renting a tux, you can choose a style that best fits you for that date, return the tux, and stay in style. That means your tux will not go out of style if you rent. When you return the tux, the style could change, so you will be ahead of the game and save money overall.

Another advantage is choosing a style that best fits the event. If you need to rent a green tux or style that best fits the event, you won’t be stuck with something you’ll never wear again.

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Disadvantages of Renting a Tux

Of course, the disadvantages of renting a tux are similar. If you rent a tux, you won’t be able to use it again if you attend another event that needs one, and you will need to pay the same $175 (average) cost again.

So, if you know you will attend plenty of formal events, for example, if you work in the political arena, then you might best be served by buying a classic black tux that is less a fashion statement and more something that you will be able to wear for years to come. This is also a light disadvantage because you can’t be as stylish in terms of following the trends with renting. If you decide to buy instead, you will

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