How to Sign Up for Your Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

Your Crate & Barrel wedding registry is easier to set up than you think. Once you get the needed items, you can design your preferred kitchen. The kitchen is one of the cornerstones of the home when it comes to designing and setting in place what you need. Sure, the items you will need in the kitchen can be costly if you add long-lasting registry items, but at the same time, this is an opportunity to save you money over the years. Think of it this way. Purchase an item that lasts 10, 20 years, or even longer, like a stand mixer, a Dutch oven set, or high-quality bakeware. For many years, you will save yourself from replacing it with less expensive, lower-quality items. This is why it’s essential to think carefully about what you need and not be afraid to ask for it, especially if you have family and friends asking what you need and perhaps willing to purchase those items from your registry.

Getting Started

Now, let’s get started. It won’t take long to set up your account and reserve the items you need. You can get this done in a matter of minutes! Head on over to the Crate & Barrel website to get started. Create an account:

Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry Sign-Up

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

Setting Up Your Account

You must enter your contact information or connect using Google or Apple credentials to create an account.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

Getting Registered

Continue to register with your information and your co-registrant’s information as well.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

Selecting Your Options

You can select options such as your shipping preferences, preferred store, whether you want to start a group fund, and display preferences in the next step.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

That’s it! Believe it or not, your registry is now created and you can get to the fun part of adding items to your registry.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

For example, if you scroll down from this same page you will see popular items to choose from for your Crate & Barrell wedding registry.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

We chose this over-the sink mesh colander just to show how to add items to your registry. Click on the item:

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

Select add to registry just under the add to car button.

crate & barrell wedding registry | WEDISTRY

And that’s it! You now not only have a registry but you’ve started with your first item. Don’t forget to share your registry details for your Crate & Barrel wedding registry with your family and friends!

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