Best Date Night in Atlanta. 15 Great Suggestions You’ll Love

Looking for some romantic and fun date night ideas for a date night in Atlanta, GA? Something unique and fun, more than just some boring dinner? You’re in the right place! Of course, planning a date night in Atlanta can be difficult as there are so many options. But not to worry!

We have compiled the best and most fun date night ideas in Atlanta 2022 to give you and your partner an enjoyable time. Whether you’re looking for cheap things to do in Atlanta for couples or something rather adventurous, this list is for you.

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date night in atlanta

15 Romantic Date Night Ideas Atlanta 2022

Visit the Georgia Aquarium for a Romantic Date Night in Atlanta

No date night Atlanta ideas would be complete without mentioning a trip to the Georgia Aquarium. Enjoy a romantic date night in Atlanta, GA, as you hold hands with your partner and walk through the famous aquarium, admiring the astonishing sea creatures. Learn about belugas and funny-looking, gigantic whale sharks, among others. With 7 different areas and an interactive 4D Theater, visiting the Georgia Aquarium comes top of the most fun things to do in Atlanta for couples.

There will be food and cocktails to ease your stomach after the walk. And there’s the romantic aura created by classical music as you sip. Indeed, it will be a date night in Atlanta to remember.

date night in atlanta

Walk through the Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden offers the ultimate setting for a romantic date night in Atlanta. You could visit by day or night, but the nighttime presents an aura that is truly romantic and pure, making this scene the ideal spot for a date night in Atlanta, GA.

Indulge in a large display of orchids, carnivorous plants, and the 600-foot-long Kendeda Canopy Walk with your partner. Get awed by the spectacular Origami in the Garden. For 2-3 hours, you’ll enjoy exploring the 40-ft tall canopy walk through the forest or meandering through the Olmsted Linear Park. Although there’s so much walking, you and your partner would barely feel it as the grounds are so beautiful. You might also rest and admire the Victorian Cottages surrounding Grant Park. It’s the perfect date night in Atlanta, GA, for sure!

There’s a restaurant on-site, but you could pack your food for a self-guided pop-up picnic in Atlanta.

date night in atlanta

Have an Adventure on the River

Next on our list of date night ideas in Atlanta 2022 is a trip to the Chattahoochee Nature Center. With many exciting adventures such as canoeing, hiking, and fishing, visiting the ‘hooch is undoubtedly one of the best date night Atlanta ideas you’d come across.

What could be more thrilling than paddling with your partner under the stars at night? It’s romantic bliss; it’s the perfect fun date night Atlanta experience!

date night in atlanta

Enjoy Some Fascinating Illumination for Your Fun Date Night in Atlanta

Visiting the Illuminarium is the definition of a unique date night in Atlanta. It’s the world’s first illumination spot! Offering a fully immersive experience that teleports you to different exciting locations, this inarguably comes top of the fun things to do in Atlanta for a fun and romantic evening.

You can experience floor vibrations, visceral smells, cinematic visuals, and 3D audio! Beat that! And there’s the beautiful Savannah sunrise and awe-inspiring landscapes, and you get to visit Kenya that same night! You’ll be so surrounded by illuminations that will leave your mouth agape. It’s the best date night in Atlanta, for sure!

date night in atanta

Take in Great Views at Skyline Park

A moment at the roof of Skyline Park is one of the best date night Atlanta ideas you’ll love. The place is an all-kids arena by day, but when the night comes, it’s all about the adults! So lock shoulders with your lover as you take in breathtaking city views. Adding old-school music against this picturesque city background will make this a romantic date night in Atlanta, GA.

Don’t stop with the city views. Make an entire night of the experience by dining at 9 Mile Station. Slide down the Skyline Slide or do some ice skating on the rooftop. Perhaps, stroll down the Ponce City Market holding your lover’s hand for a truly romantic evening. Ponce City Market has excellent shops and food choices, as well as a rooftop full of fun games. you will have to see for yourself! If you are looking for a one-stop date night, you can’t do much better than Ponce City Market!

date night in atlanta

Enjoy a One-of-a-Kind Dinner at Gunshow

Gunshow Atlanta is undoubtedly one of Atlanta’s best restaurants for fun date nights. You might be asking, how can a restaurant be fun? We’ve added this restaurant to our list of date night ideas in Atlanta because it’s precisely that — FUN! You’ll understand why it’s so when you experience the rolling drink cart, selection of wines, community tables, and the way guests make dim sum selections all night.

The dishes are unique and flavorful, and the experience is light years from the typical boring dinner you get from most restaurants. It’s so not boring. Dining at Gunshow will be a fun date night in Atlanta for you and your partner.

date night in atlanta

Catch a Late Night Show at Dad’s Garage

Are you or your partner a fan of improv comedy? An hour at Dad’s Garage is the most fun date night Atlanta experience you don’t want to miss. Laugh your heart out with your significant other as you indulge in this date night idea. In short, for any couple that enjoys a good hearty laugh, Dad’s garage should be on their list of fun things to do in Atlanta for a date night.

date night in atlanta

Concert in Piedmont Park

Check the concert listings for your favorite band or performer to visit Piedmont Park! This is always a great place to take a casual stroll, but it’s also known to have some pretty special events. It’s a great night spot, but be sure to be safe and look out. Your favorite artist just might be coming soon! You can find a list of upcoming events in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Get Outdoorsy With A Picnic At Centennial Olympic Park

If you’re looking for a picnic date night in Atlanta, head to Centennial Olympic Park. There are plenty of places to eat here, including the park itself. But if you’d rather enjoy a more intimate setting, try walking around the lake. Or perhaps you’d like to go fishing?

Enjoy a Game Night at Andretti

Andretti Indoor Karting and Games is an excellent spot for a fun date night in Atlanta. You can race against your partner on the go-karts, enjoy some bowling, or try your hands at numerous other games. Moreover, Andretti is a full-service restaurant, so you can try something toothsome to wrap up your date night in Atlanta, GA.

date night in atlanta

Enjoy a Game at the Stadium

Catching a game at the stadium is the best date night Atlanta ideal for sports lovers. There’s nothing more exciting than watching an Atlantan Braves match in person. Or are you a fan of the Atlanta Falcons? Then, head over to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. If you’re into soccer, find out when Atlanta United will play at night.

Watching a game together is among the top first-date ideas since you wouldn’t have to come up with topics to talk about. You’re both engrossed in the game, cheers and goals scored. It’s such terrific fun!

Whether your partner is a fan or knows the game’s rules doesn’t matter. They’ll surely enjoy their time as this is one of the fun things to do in Atlanta for couples.

date night in atlanta

Compete at the Escape Game Atlanta

Do you like games? Who doesn’t? And the escape room game is on a whole different level! Compete with your partner to see who can escape first for a fun date night in Atlanta. The Escape Game Atlanta, located in The Battery Atlanta, offers an immersive one-hour adventure that perfectly simulates the typical Hollywood rollercoaster. It’s an ideal first date idea in Atlanta since you’re both engrossed, and there’s no pressure to initiate conversations.

date night in atlanta

Grocery on Home

Grocery on Home is one of my favorites for date night in Atlanta! It’s a fabulous music venue with such an intimate space, great for couples who want to spend the night in a romantic environment.

Grocery on Home is a private place owned by Matt Arnett. Go with your snack and wine for a popup picnic fun. When done, put all that away and prepare for one of the most romantic shows ever. I bet there will be tears of joy before the show’s over.

This is one of the best cheap things to do in Atlanta for couples, as it’s completely free! Anyway, you can donate if you choose to.

Catch a Movie or Two at Starlight Drive-In

A movie night at Starlight Drive-In is one of Atlanta’s best date night ideas in 2022. It is Atlanta’s only drive-in movie theater, and it’s such a romantic and affordable destination. You can watch the two latest movies for less than that, making it a cheap thing to do in Atlanta for couples looking for late-night date fun and a romantic escape.

Snacks are also available, but you can pack your romantic picnic.

Go on a Food Tour

Do you find it hard to choose where to eat for your date night in Atlanta? Put all that difficulty behind you because now you can go on a food tour! This is one of the best date night ideas in Atlanta 2022, as you don’t have to choose. Spend some hours exploring the best restaurants throughout the night. You don’t want to miss Gu’s Dumplings! Of course, you must go hungry so you don’t get full quickly with all the delicious food this city offers.

This date night in Atlanta will get you to explore the famous Krog Street Market, Inman Park, Atlas Restaurant, and many other fascinating Southern locations. It is a truly fun date night experience for any couple.

There are lots of romantic restaurants you can find at Inman Park or at Ponce City market, where you can have meals like a steak dinner, steak tartare, Pan-Seared Scallops, Fresh Oysters, Black spaghetti, cacao e pepe, wagyu culotte, and other dishes that Atlanta is famous for.

Getaway at a Tiny Tree House

If you desire a romantic date night in Atlanta, where it’s just you and your partner, go north for some time at a romantic tiny house or tree house. Set up some scented candles, a bottle of wine, and something good to snack on.

What makes this date night idea in Atlanta awesome is you get to experience someplace homely and peaceful yet far away from home. The romantic appeal provides an opportunity to connect in different ways. A fantastic getaway experience.

Final Thoughts

Atlanta has many fascinating date night ideas to spice up your relationship. Whether you’re having your first date, celebrating an anniversary, or just looking to break out of routine, there’s always a spot for you in Atlanta.

Look for something in line with your and/or your partner’s interests for the best date night in Atlanta.

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