7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas

If you live in Minneapolis, you probably already know it has a thriving food scene, a beautiful date night experience, and plenty of romantic spots. Plenty of restaurants allow you to enjoy delicious meals at affordable prices. You’ll never run out of options, from fine dining to casual eateries.\

Date Night In Minneapolis

Here are 7 best date night ideas for a romantic date night or, some might say, a fun date night:

Air Tubing

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Minnesota, look no further than Lake Minnetonka. With its crystal clear waters and beautiful scenery, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular places for couples to go on their next vacation. Whether you want a quiet weekend away at a luxury hotel or a fun-filled adventure like tubing down the river, there are many ways to enjoy the outdoors and make some memories together.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 9 date night in minneapolis

Check Out a Hockey Game in the Twin Cities

Hockey is one of the most exciting sports out there. If you want something to do during the winter months, check out a Minnesota Wild game! You’ll be amazed by how much fun it can be to watch professional athletes play. While you may think that watching a hockey game is just for men, women can also enjoy the sport. It’s not only great for fans, but it’s also a lot of fun for players themselves.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 10 date night in minneapolis

A Night Idea: Putt Through Some Indoor Mini-golf

If you want to add excitement to your Minneapolis date night, try putting through some indoor mini-golf.

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There are several different locations around the city where you can play. Check them out here.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 11 date night in minneapolis

Ax Throwing

When you think of throwing axes, what comes to mind? Probably Vikings, right? If you love history (and who doesn’t?), you should consider checking out ax-throwing events near the Twin Cities. These events take place all over Minnesota, bringing people from across the country to experience the thrill of throwing axes. They vary in difficulty depending on which event you attend, but they will be fun.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 12 date night in minneapolis

Spend a Romantic Night Ice Skating with a Skyline View

The sky is always the limit when it comes to dates in Minnesota. Why not spend a night ice skating in Minneapolis, one of the city’s best night spots? This activity will allow you to enjoy the views of the downtown skyline while you skate along the frozen surface. If you’d rather stay indoors, rent skates and head outside to enjoy the fresh air and have a cozy date night.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 13 date night in minneapolis

Paint a Masterpiece

There are many ways to paint your masterpiece without worrying about getting messy. Painting is a great way to relax after a busy day and a wonderful way to bond with someone special. Check out these options for painting activities near the Twin Cities.

Art Your Way Studio

Joyful H’Arts Studio

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 14 date night in minneapolis

The Woodhouse Day Spa

A spa is a perfect way to relax with your date. Not only does it help you unwind, but it’s a great opportunity to pamper yourself and give each other some time alone. Check out this list of spas near Minneapolis. The Woodhouse Day Spa is well-known as an excellent option. Another one is Anda Spa, which is another great option.

date night in minneapolis
7 Best Date Night in Minneapolis Ideas 15 date night in minneapolis

Spend a Date Night at the Hewing Hotel

This historic landmark was built in 1892 and has welcomed guests ever since. Located in downtown Minneapolis, it’s a charming spot to visit any time of year. But if you’re planning a casual date night in the Twin Cities, you won’t want to miss spending the evening at the Hewing Hotel.

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Check out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars at the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens. Built in 1986, this beautiful park allows visitors to see more than 200 sculptures throughout the garden. Food trucks serve delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs on warm nights to hungry visitors.

Memorable Date Night at Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater

Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater is a unique venue that brings live music and entertainment to its patrons weekly. You and your loved one will adore sitting down for a meal and enjoying the amazing acoustics provided by the stage. Plus, you’ll get to share the show and connect with fellow audience members. Remember to grab Bryant Lake Bowl’s signature bloody Mary wings while waiting your turn.

Delicious Meal at Foshay Tower

Foshay Tower is a historical landmark that stands tall above downtown Minneapolis. It’s been around since 1923, making it one of the oldest skyscrapers in the city. While it may look like just another business building, it’s home to several businesses. So, why not go there for a tasty dinner together? They offer delicious food offerings and plenty of options, including Thai food, sushi, Italian cuisine, and Mexican fare. Get fancy food and a bottle of wine, and have a memorable night.

Acme Comedy Club

If you’ve never seen stand-up comedy, it’s time to take action and check out Acme Comedy Club. With shows happening every weekend, you’ll find something that suits your schedule. Be sure to sign up beforehand, though, because tickets sell quickly. Acme Comedy Club also hosts an open mic night, free every Monday.

Nina’s Coffee Cafe – St. Paul

If you’re looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee or tea, Nina’s Coffee Café is a fantastic choice. Located on University Avenue right next to Bethel AME Church, it’s a local favorite for residents and tourists alike. Stop by for a quick snack or a full meal. They even serve breakfast all day long.

These date night ideas will turn your relationship into a lifelong adventure. Get out there and explore what’s fun and exciting in the Twin Cities.

Gooseberry Falls – North Shore

Gooseberry Falls is located along the Mississippi River outside of Minneapolis. A lovely waterfall, scenic picnic areas, and hiking trails make this a perfect spot to spend a summer afternoon. Come here for a relaxing family outing!

Mill City Museum – Minneapolis

The Mill City Museum is a gorgeous structure that dates back to 1906. Visitors can learn about Minnesota’s history while visiting exhibits dedicated to the state’s wildlife, agriculture, industry, and cultural heritage. If you enjoy art, this museum should be on your list of things to do during a date night in the area.

Hennepin Theatre District – Downtown Minneapolis

The Hennepin Theatre District is a perfect example of how vibrant urban centers often become. This district has theaters, shops, bars, cafes, and other establishments. And, if you happen upon a performance here, you’ll feel like you’re attending one of the world’s top theater festivals.

Spend Quality Time Apple Picking

Don’t forget to make some hot cider! Check out where to buy cinnamon rolls, apples, and pies in the Twin Cities. Then, head out to apple orchards throughout the region for a romantic evening of picking fruit and spending quality time together. Picking apples together with your date is probably one of the most fun date night ideas. Don’t miss our guide for apple-picking places in Minnesota.

Fired Up Studios – Minneapolis

How about trying a pottery session for your date? Fired Up Studios offers ceramic classes for adults and teens. You’ll get the chance to create your piece of art, which makes for a memorable gift or souvenir. Plus, they provide materials for everyone to use. What could beat that?

Maple Grove: A Romantic Spot

Looking for an Outdoor date idea? Take a walk through Maple Grove Park. Just a short drive from the Twin Cities, Maple Grove is a quiet village surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful trees. Spend the afternoon enjoying the park, taking pictures, and finding hidden spots to snuggle under blankets and watch the sunset over Lake Minnetonka.

Mississippi River Views

A view of the Mississippi River might be the most appealing thing about this city. The river runs through downtown Minneapolis, and visitors can see water views from many locations. Take advantage of these breathtaking vistas on a date night in Minneapolis.

Vintage Bowling Alley

Visit these vintage bowling alleys around the Twin Cities. It’s more than just bowling — it’s a fun experience. Play a game or two, share a beer, and meet new people. These are perfect places to hang out with friends and catch up on old times.

Expensive Option in Northeast Minneapolis: Travail Kitchen & Amusements

Travail Kitchen & Amusements has everything you need for a fun night out. It is also one of the most famous night restaurants in the city, with a delicious date night menu and fancy food. It is a perfect spot for a classic date night.

They serve various delicious foods, including burgers and fries, pizza, sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, sushi bowls, Torchio pasta with wild mushrooms, roasted cauliflower, and chilled sweet corn soup, along with drinks such as Mixed drinks, craft cocktails, and a regular glass of wine.

There is also live music on weekends. So, whether you want to dance the night away or relax after dinner, Travail Kitchen & Amusements will ensure you have the right atmosphere for whatever mood you prefer.

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