8 Romantic Date Night Indianapolis Ideas

Are you planning a date night in Indianapolis? Indianapolis has become a hotspot for foodies across the globe. The city offers a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. But that’s not all. Indianapolis is such an excellent place for date nights.

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Indianapolis will surprise you because it’s otherwise a fairly flat and quiet place to live. But if you know the right place to look at the right time, you will have a fun night.

So where are the best spots to have a fun and romantic date night in Indianapolis? In this article, we expose all of the Indy date ideas so you and your partner can have a great time in this wonderful city.

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Date night Ideas in Indianapolis

date night indianapolis

Bottleworks District

One of the hottest, newest, and most popular date night locations in Indianapolis is the Bottleworks District. If you are looking for an exciting night, this is a one-stop shop for games, casual dining, and a stunning hotel in the downtown area near Mass Ave. This will likely be a top spot to visit for years to come. This newly renovated space also includes a theater and food and a perfect atmosphere for couples that you’re sure to enjoy!

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This will likely be a top spot to visit for years to come. This newly renovated space also includes a theater and food and a perfect atmosphere for couples that you’re sure to enjoy!

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The Garage

The garage offers the best current variety of delicious food vendors with multiple dining options, everything from American food to mostly international choices, like german food and Mexican food, including some vegan options. There are also plenty of sweet tooth choices for you to choose from. After all, it is a date night!

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Parking is also plentiful if you choose to park in the garage or in a parking space on Mass Ave. The latter might be a little crowded on the weekends but you should be able to find a parking spot in a nearby neighborhood if necessary. There are currently 21 food vendors to choose from as well as a few retail spaces. Here, you have plenty of options and you certainly will not be disappointed.

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Pins Mechanical Co.

Right next door, you will find Pins Mechanical Co, a duckpin bowling spot that’s perfect for a casual date night. You’re sure to have a fun time here with duckpin bowling, ping pong tables that you can reserve for your friends, oversized games, and a sweet lineup of pinball machines.

On a weekend night, this place can get pretty busy so if you’re waiting to bowl, try the ping pong tables first until your lane opens up. This is surely going to be a fun date night in Indy. Just be sure to check on the available bowling hours and a number of available bowling lanes before you pick up your bowling shoes and get started.

Also, this is one of the best locations to take a couple of photos with the amazing design and atmosphere of the space.

A unique dining experience at JW Marriott

The JW Marriott, located downtown near Victory Field, is still one of the best and most accessible downtown hotels after being open for 11 years. Even if you live in town, this hotel in downtown Indianapolis is an excellent getaway to give you the feeling of being in a different city for a while.

The JW Marriott is minutes from top-tier dining, and if you are driving, you can reach anywhere in the heart of downtown in 5 minutes. It also provides some of the best views of the city including the ballpark and White River State Park. This romantic date night in Indy is sure to live up to your expectations.

Rick’s Boatyard

A romantic dinner with a view is easy to find at Rick’s Boatyard in Indianapolis. With waterfront seating and Sunday brunch, there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can enjoy the live jazz music while admiring the beautiful views of Eagle Creek reservoir. One of the most romantic places in Indianapolis and also an amazing place to take a couple of photos.

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Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek might not be the very first place you will think of when it comes to a romantic date night in Indianapolis but it is the perfect spot to relax. Eagle creek park is a great place for a picnic spot and to enjoy the beautiful nature around you with your date. Or, if you feel up to it, you can take a longer walk/hike around the park or even take a canoe out into the lake. Many rentals are available at Eagle Creek Park Outfitters, and you can rent a canoe, kayak, pontoon boat or whatever you’re feeling up to.

There are lots of great options here, just be ready for a small adventure if you decide to go this route. You likely won’t leave the park for dinner downtown afterward but you still have plenty of great options to have a fun evening.

See a movie at Tibbs Drive-In

Believe it or not, drive-in movie theaters still exist! One of the best ones that you will find is the Tibbs Drive-In on Washington St. near downtown. If you are looking for cheap date night ideas in Indianapolis, this is the one. Get an amazing movie night experience for just total for a couple plus anything else that you may order. A movie at Tibbs Drive is a lovely activity for any couple and it’s also a great conversation piece.

Other places you can go to see movies enjoy beers and food are Studio Movie grill, Flix Brewhouse, and Living room theaters.

The only question is, what movie will you see?

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Skyline drive-in

Skyline drive-in provides a fantastic cinematic experience and even comes with its app for food ordering. What’s more, you’re even allowed to bring your pet along!

White River State Park

White River State Park remains an elite destination with a variety of activities. You can catch some jazz music or your favorite band at the TCU Amphitheater. There’s also the IMAX theater and for a little more adventure try the wheel fun rentals. This option is a must to include in your date night options in downtown Indianapolis.

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Enjoy a night of jazz at the Jazz Kitchen

Nothing screams romance like smooth jazz music. Dance the night away in your lover’s arms at the Jazz Kitchen. Located in Broad Ripple, the Jazz kitchen is an amazing place for romance-seeking couples. Shows start at around 7-8 pm, but they usually open by 5. It’s best to go early as parking can become challenging when the Jazz Kitchen gets filled up. Not to worry, you can always pay for parking space at the street parking nearby.

Delicious food, an intimate atmosphere, and of course, outstanding music describe the Jazz Kitchen. Ready your sleek moves to meet up with the smooth music at the Jazz Kitchen.

In short, the Jazz kitchen is one of the best spots for a date night in Indy.

See an outdoor movie together

Are you seeking an enjoyable evening outdoors? Take your special someone to Newfields for a romantic date night. Enjoy the Summer Night series before settling in with a picnic while you watch the movie together. Get ready for an enjoyable evening of relaxation and fun! Couples in Indianapolis have plenty of romantic dates night options.

Jump the night away

Indianapolis is blessed with many indoor trampoline parks. You can bounce or play Ninja Warrior, but the best way to spend your date night here is to dance the night away on a trampoline park At Sky Zone Fishers.

Stargaze at the Butler Campus

An evening of stargazing is ideally the most romantic thing to do in Indy for lovers. Blessed with sensational night skies, the Butler campus is a great spot to stargaze and have a chill night. Holcomb Observatory & Planetarium recently did a remodel, transforming the place into an otherworldly scene. For just $7, you gain access to a digital planetarium show and travel through the cosmos, making it one of our top cheap date night ideas in Indy.

See Indy from above

The Observation Deck offers an amazing view of Indianapolis from up high. Although it’s not always open, you shouldn’t miss it when it is. Catch a rare glimpse of the Circle of Lights tree in the Soldiers and Sailors Monument during the holidays.

Go swing dancing at the Fountain Square

Experience a fun date night with that special someone in a truly fun-loving atmosphere. The Fountain Square Theater Theatre Building is the perfect spot for that kind of experience. Just a few minutes from downtown Indianapolis, Fountain Square is home to swing dancing activities all year round. It’s going to be an Indy date night filled with excitement.

See a sports game

A night out in Indianapolis could be watching a sporting event with your significant other for some fun entertainment. Anyone can find a game to enjoy, either with the Pacers basketball team or the Fuel ice hockey team.

Watching A basketball or ice hockey team can be particularly special and fun, whether or not either of you knows the rules of the game. Cheer on as points are scored! The fun is what counts.

Fun date ideas for Indianapolis

Not every romantic date in Indianapolis should occur by night. If you’re looking for some fun date ideas to enjoy the Indianapolis sunshine and sensational evenings, this section is for you.

Enjoy a karting challenge

What better fun can there be besides challenging your partner to a race? If you’re feeling up to it, then you want to head to the Speedway Indoor Karting for a racing game. The place is open 7 days a week, and you can cool off outdoors after the game inside. There is also a mini superspeedway and several bowling lanes.

Go for actual racing

Feeling bigger than a video game of car racing? If you and your partners are legal drivers, head off to Lucas Raceway and step on the gas! What’s more, if you can get to the top five fastest racers at a quarter-mile point, you’ll be awarded the honor of Facebook face.

A trip underneath the city

If you have a thing for history, you might want to explore the Indy Catacombs underneath the city market. This historic spot won’t offer scary sights of bones and skulls, but you’ll have a glance into how Indianapolis has morphed over the years.

Go here and have a chill night with your date, there are plenty of fun activities you can do there to have a fun time.

Go suspended in mid-air

This breathtaking experience can be a great first-date idea in Indianapolis. Visit Cirque Indy and hop on the Aerial Silks class for a body and mind-stimulating exercise.

If you’re a height lover then you can also ride hot air balloons in Indianapolis in places like Indy wind riders.

Go hiking at Fort Harrison State Park

Hiking can be such a therapeutic activity, and it is even more sensational when you’re hiking with the person you love most in this world and in the sunny summer months. Fort Harrison State Park has several hiking trails with different difficulty levels. If you and your partner are feeling up to it, you can bike or hike through and bask in the beauty of nature.

Visit the State Fair

If you want to have some quality time with your date then visit the Indiana state fair. The Indiana Fair is a great place to enjoy amusement park rides, games, and toothsome dishes. The perfect fun date idea in Indianapolis for sure!

Romantic restaurants for a date night in Indianapolis

If you’re looking for the most romantic restaurants in Indianapolis for your date, we’ve got you. Ditch the boring dates at the usual restaurants you’ve always frequented and dress up for a fancy night out at any of the esteemed dining establishments below for a unique dining experience:


Have a morning coffee or evening cocktail or dress up for a fancy night out at Plat 99. With skyline views and a luxury environment, this Indy restaurant offers a rich atmosphere for couples. Great for an anniversary date in Indianapolis. There’s a lounge and craft beer as well.

Gallery Pastry Shop

Treat yourself and your partner to some delicious French macarons at the Gallery Pasty shop in SoBro. If you’re having brunch, this is the best place to be and if you desire dinner or a full bar, visit their sister location in downtown Indy. Rest assured it will be a unique dining experience for you and your date if you’re both food lovers.

Unique date ideas Indianapolis

Come along for some unique, non-traditional dates in Indianapolis. Treat yourself and your lover to an exciting and adventurous moment.

Indoor climbing at Hoosier Heights

Adventure-loving couples would find local climbing gyms in Indy, such as Hoosier Heights, the best date idea in this city. With various climbing experiences such as lead climbing and top rope climbing, this Indy date idea is ideal for any couple that’s up for some challenge.

Canoe through Fort Ben Harrison

This is another great romantic date idea in Indianapolis for adventure-loving couples. There’s so much nature around. You can choose to canoe down the creek or sit down for a picnic if you’re not up for that. Whatever the case, you’ll be spending some quality romantic time with the one you love.

Visit the underground salt mine

This date idea isn’t only adventurous, but it offers a sensational atmosphere for couples. The salt caves are said to have healing properties, so this location is a perfect spot to indulge in self-care as a couple. Learn about many holistic health options as you indulge in an infrared sauna or hand and foot detox.

Indy Date ideas for winter

Enjoy cosmic skating nights

Ice skating is undoubtedly one of the best date ideas in Indianapolis during the colder months. The city offers many locations where you can enjoy Cosmic skating nights with fast-paced music. Hold each other’s hands and skate, a truly romantic experience.

Go snow tubing

Koteewi Run is the perfect spot for snow tubing in Indianapolis. You can also try Flat Fork Creek Park, where you’ll find a sledding hill; get ready though to be hit by nostalgia.

Get into the spirit of Christmas

Going Christmas shopping at Carmel Christkindlmarkt is arguably the best date idea in Indianapolis during winter. It’s open from November 14th to December 24th, and you can start buying all the best gifts and decorations for the holiday. Get into the spirit of Christmas with your significant other.

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