Devotional for a Joyful Wedding

A devotional for a joyful wedding. The key to a joyful wedding is to keep Christ before you and included in your plans. We all know that wedding planning can be stressful for those involved, especially for the bride and groom. When we have the plan to set our minds on what God gives us to prepare our hearts and minds, we find that our experience is completely transformed.

The Source of Our Joy

devotional for a joyful wedding
Devotional for a Joyful Wedding 4 devotional for a joyful wedding

The good news is that our joy does not come from this world. It does not start with us and, therefore, does not end with us. Our joy comes from God himself, who made us in his image and who is love.

Being that God is love and made us in his image means that we have everything we need to keep the joy in our lives and, in this case, in our marriage and wedding.

Joy in the Difficult Moments

Romans 12:12

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and constantly pray.

It might sound too easy to rejoice in hope. But more often than not, life brings more challenging moments than jubilant ones. If that’s true, and even if that’s not true for everyone, we are better prepared if we know how to handle the tribulation that comes with life.

For those preparing for a wedding and, more importantly, for marriage, those moments of tribulation are sure to come. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 7:28 that “those who marry will face many troubles in this life.” This is not meant to discourage someone who is considering marriage. This is meant to empower them by letting them know that to have a joyful marriage. We must recognize the calling of marriage and not take it lightly.

But it’s very important to understand that the joy we experience in marriage and the love given to us by God for our lives, including our marriage, outweighs the trials that we will face. That joy is indescribably stronger and more substantive than our pain and challenges. This does not mean that God dismisses our pain. It does not mean that he ignores our downfalls and pitfalls. It means that he cares enough for us that he will not leave us abandoned and without his support no matter what we are going through.

This is most important when it comes to thinking about our marriage, but first and more specifically, when we are planning for our wedding. Again, anyone who has had any part in a wedding, and especially those who help plan one, knows that challenges will arise during wedding planning. But as long as we remember what outweighs our challenges, we will be prepared to move forward with joy and a cheerful spirit.

devotional for a joyful wedding
Devotional for a Joyful Wedding 5 devotional for a joyful wedding

Reflecting on a Devotional for a Joyful Wedding

The purpose of this devotional for a joyful wedding is to remind us that God’s heart is joyful when he thinks about his children. He intends us to enjoy his presence as our protective, encouraging, loving Heavenly Father. When we remember this while doing something as planning our wedding, we can rest assured that no matter what challenging situations we encounter, our source is still joy.

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