Devotional for the Bride

A devotional for the bride could be one of the most helpful; however, it is one of the most overlooked blessings that could take place during a wedding. When we think of a wedding, we often think about the ceremony, reception, design, venue, food, and guests. But we often forget that we can unite to celebrate two joining in love because of God’s blessing.

For this reason, it’s appropriate to think about how the bride and groom will prepare to be married. Of course, there are many plans that the couple will sort out before the wedding day, such as marriage counseling, invitations, and all travel plans. But from a spiritual perspective, it is also meaningful for the bride (and groom) to practice in a devotional.

devotional for the bride
Devotional for the Bride 3 devotional for the bride

What is a devotional for the bride?

A devotional is a spiritual practice that Christians or followers of Jesus Christ engage in as an act of worship. Through devotionals, believers learn more about God, strengthen their faith, and better understand how to love God and one another. The wonderful thing about devotionals is that you can do them for life events to prepare you spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Who else can prepare you better than God for the joys and trials that we face daily?

So, what does a wedding devotional look like? We know a wedding can be stressful for anyone involved, especially the bride and groom. They are the ones who commit their lives to one another and publicly state before God, witnessing their promise to love one another for the rest of their lives.

For many reasons, this can be a stressful time for the bride and groom. One of the reasons that believers practice devotionals is to relieve the stress of living and being in this world. Many find that just the practice of having a devotional alone and spending time with God in His word immediately begins a process of reducing stress and building faith and confidence in Jesus Christ.

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How long should my devotional be?

We also know that wedding days can be hectic, especially for the bride. One may wonder if spending time praying, reading the bible, and focusing on what God has to say is the right way to spend time on such a busy day. As an ordained minister who has officiated nine weddings, I would say that any time you can spend focusing on the Word of God on your wedding day will be worthwhile.

Sure, there are 100 things to think about, with just one being committed to someone for the rest of your life. But if you can get away for 5 to 15 minutes or more to allow God to be with you and speak to you, this will be the time you will see benefit your life together greatly. It’s not as much about the time you spend in the Word of God but that you do it, listen, and reflect until God is finished speaking.

Your Wedding Day Devotional

Dear Heavenly Father, you are worthy of honor and praise. Thank you for this beautiful wedding day that you have made. Only you can bring two together in a way no man can take apart. We pray for each person who will participate in our special day. We pray for everyone’s safe travel and that everyone is healthy. Thank you in advance for a ceremony that is worthy of you. Thank you for the supportive friends and family who have been present and prayerful during this season.

God, we ask you to do what no one else can today. We pray that our minds are stayed on your goodness. We bring glad and sincere hearts because we know what you have done for us through your son Jesus, the Christ. You have provided salvation through him and brought us into your marvelous light. Yes, while we were still sinners, you died for us. And we are eternally grateful.

On this day, we pray that you help us focus on the goodness you are creating in your midst. We may be stressed by what we see, but we believe your good report that you have more in store for those who believe in you.

I trust in you because you created marriage, and I know that what I commit to in your presence is all in your hands. We pray for a strong marriage that glorifies you and brings you joy. We pray that our lives are pleasing to you, that our life together is fruitful, and that we put you first in all we do.

Because when we put You first, we are aligned with our purpose in You and empowered to love and serve others the way You intended us to.

Thank you, Lord, and we ask that you please bless us on this wedding day.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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