Does Ulta Do Wedding Makeup?

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Your wedding isn’t just any random event. It’s one of the most memorable days in your life, a day you’ve been looking forward to for quite some time, and there’s every reason to look your best. One way to do that is by having a professional makeup artist (MUA).

Ulta is a beauty salon almost every American woman knows about. They offer a range of beauty products and services in each of their salons.

Knowing they offer hair, skin, and makeup services, you may be curious: does Ulta do wedding makeup?

Perhaps you’re asking because you haven’t seen many reviews from brides who did their wedding makeup at Ulta.

Yes, you can get your wedding makeup done at Ulta.

Now the question is, should you?

Should you get your bridal makeup done at Ulta?

It’s worth knowing that many women have had negative experiences with Ulta’s makeup.

The truth is, everyone has their preferences, just as every makeup artist has their skill level. Ulta has several salons, and you might not know how skilled the workers closest to you are.

That’s why some people prefer having a demonstration done first before deciding. In some Ulta stores, you may find girls who only sell beauty products and can do regular makeup. But wedding makeup is a different ball game, so you might want a professional MUA to handle that for you.

Therefore, it’s wise to have a demonstration done before having Ulta do your wedding makeup. You don’t want to go to the store on the wedding morning only to have a horrible job done, therefore wasting valuable time as you’d need a redo.

One mistake some brides make is not being clear about what they want for their wedding makeup. Even though the makeup artist has years of experience, they may have a preference for eye shadow that’s different from yours.

So it’s best to be clear about how bold you want it, what shades you’d like, how natural it should be, etc. The artist may also offer her suggestions, and the final product would tend more toward your expectations.

Notably, it’s not every day you’ll go to an Ulta store that you’d find a professional makeup artist. Some of the stores have certain days when a makeup artist would be around. Many women complain that it has generally been hit-and-miss with Ulta.

All of that aside, it’s often in your best interest to hire a makeup artist near you whose track records you have seen.

Are makeup demonstrations at Ulta free?

Ulta salespeople typically do demonstrations to try and entice you to buy their products. In such instances, it is free.

But if you specifically tell them you NEED a trial before the real thing, they may be averse to doing it for free since they’ll have to put time into it.

Nevertheless, ask the person if they’ll be willing to come over and do your makeup if you like the trial — like a booking. That’s extra money in the girl’s pocket, so they may be willing to offer you a demo at a lower price.

Just don’t waste the person’s time on a trial as they have goals to reach. Importantly, try to buy at least one product from them as an incentive.

Interestingly, those girls you’d find at the stores who are ready to offer demonstrations are not professional MUAs but salespeople. Therefore, they’re not required to have any advanced skills in makeup.

You’ll have to book a professional makeup artist for them to come and get your face done.

If you’re having a wedding makeup trial at Ulta, it should be a few days to your wedding and not the wedding day itself. Things may be very busy at the store on the morning of your wedding, and that can destabilize you.

Should you do your own wedding makeup?

Depending on how advanced your makeup skills are, you’ll likely do a better job than Ulta’s sales girls.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to have someone else do your wedding makeup. It doesn’t have to be at Ulta. Just ensure you’re clear with your needs.

If you’re not usually a makeup person, you can request very natural makeup—no need to cake it on. You can even look up YouTube videos and do light makeup. That might end up so much better than having Ulta do your wedding makeup.

Ask at the Ulta store closest to you

As has been mentioned, every Ulta store is different. The general policy is that they do a demo on customers as a complimentary service. They might also recommend the best product according to your skin type.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask if you can get your wedding makeover done at the Ulta store closest to you.

Pick up your phone and call or walk up to the store. There’s nothing wrong with asking the question, does Ulta do wedding makeup. Additionally, ask if it’s free if you purchase the products or how much it would cost.

Again, remember that it’s the salespeople at Ulta that offer complementary makeup. Most times, they only do the lips, eyes, or eyebrows. Ulta full wedding makeover applications are done by professional MUAs, so there’s a fee.

Where else can you have your wedding makeup done apart from Ulta?

There are better alternatives to Ulta when it comes to makeup, such as Sephora. Mac is another beauty retailer you can try.

But remember that the same concern applies: different makeup artists have different skill levels, so it’s always best to first have a trial of wedding makeup before the day.

Nevertheless, there seem to be more positive reviews from women who tried Sephora than there are for Ulta.

The bottom line is, it’s more advisable to hire a professional makeup artist who you trust.

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