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Engagement happened! it’s best to do this next!

Now that you are engaged, you are enjoying engagement life, like you should!

But after reading this post you will be prepared to get started with your weddinThe g planning!

The challenge is knowing where to begin.

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Taking The First Steps

*Find an officiant

*Find a wedding venue

*Start thinking about your vows

And so, there are many things that you could do after engagement. But it’s a good idea to start with these things on your wedding planning list because they will start to fill up quickly!

Take the most time

Be more impactful if you don’t get them done.

Save you a headache once done!

Wedding Planning & Events
Create Your Wedding

Choose Your Officiant

It’s important to choose a wedding officiant as soon as possible after the engagement. Not only are they very busy but because it’s also important to start your wedding counseling as soon as possible. If you haven’t started planning before you were engaged then you should definitely start right away. After your engagement, the clock is literally ticking. The pastor/minister will let you know what his/her requirements are to go forward with your wedding. Many people forget that your approval from your officiant is the most important thing for your wedding day next to a Yes from your spouse.

Choosing a venue is another one of those tasks that requires booking at least a year ahead of time. If you are thinking about getting engaged you might just want to go ahead and reserve a venue. It might sound crazy but the deposit that you will put down to reserve your venue is nothing compared to losing out on the location that you’ve always wanted.

The Main Wedding Planning Ingredient After Engagement

Venue ideas

Time of Year

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And so, how are you feeling about choosing a photographer for your wedding? Hopefully, after reading this blog post you are feeling a little better!

Again, congratulations on your engagement and happy planning!


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