What’s a Wedding Anyway? 3 Exciting Reasons To Get Married.

If you’re thinking about getting married or you are engaged, this post will explore some exciting reasons to get married. This blog and post are from the perspective of the Christian faith.

exciting reasons to get married
What's a Wedding Anyway? 3 Exciting Reasons To Get Married. 3 exciting reasons to get married

Forming Friendships

It is true. If you are going to get married, you are gaining a family. This is not a cliche phrase that should be taken lightly or ignored. That’s because when you become family with someone through marriage, you are responsible for caring for them on a certain level. There is no need to assume what your relationship should be. You will figure that out as you learn your spouse’s family’s personalities, interests, needs, and pastimes.

But the nature of a family is to look out for one another, care for one another, and spend time with one another. When approached with the right heart and mentality, this experience of gaining a new family, especially at a particular time in our lives, can be a true blessing. Only when it’s not looked at in the best situation or with the right mentality can this be viewed as a negative?

Exciting Reasons To Get Married

But that doesn’t need to be the case. Even after becoming an adult, having a new family is a tremendous blessing. And when you consider faith, God knows who He’s bringing into your life and how you may be a blessing to one another. You may bring them closer to Christ. You may have a gift that you can help them to develop. You may even become a caretaker for someone or even just a friend. You truly never know how getting married will affect your life in any way. But the upside, the possibilities to learn and love together, the

Of course, the most important friendship you form, besides with Christ, is your spouse. When I perform marriage counseling sessions, I impress upon the couple as best I can that they will begin a new relationship with their spouse the moment they are married. You may have known them for a long time, even your whole life, but when you become married, you begin a new relationship with them as a husband or wife.

This is important because it’s helpful for couples who have been together for a long time to remember that they don’t know everything about their spouse. It will take time and effort to continue learning how they respond in situations, handle difficult moments, what they get excited about, and how they communicate.

Think about it this way: We don’t truly learn about ourselves until much later than we think we will. The same is true in marriage. Give your spouse time and space to grow together without forcing anything unnatural.

Cultivating Community

Gaining your new family is just the start. When someone gains family through marriage, it’s very similar to the model presented in Scripture when we gain believers through faith. Now, it’s time to serve. When we decide to serve one another, we are blessed, and our community grows, even if it’s through what we traditionally call in-laws. But God’s plan is for us to be blessed through loving one another.

Don’t wait until after marriage to think about how you will cultivate community and give your very best to one another. Your efforts will bear fruit if you keep a helpful mindset and love others without favoritism or ill will. You are here to be a blessing, and it will show when you make yourself available.

Enjoying Your Presence

Another great reason to be married is a simple one. To enjoy spending time and sharing life with the one you love. This reason can be difficult to appreciate when we are frustrated or going through a challenging season that takes up most of our attention. Sometimes, when someone holds us up for so long, we don’t fully understand their importance. Side note: say thank you often with words and deeds.

Enjoying your spouse’s company is a real blessing. Keep those date nights up and take time to care for one another’s most essential and most complex needs.

Giving Is Better

We may know that giving is the best way to live because of what we learned from the Bible, but we may need to be reminded how to give to our spouse occasionally. Giving always brings out the best in us and when we do it with a good, cheerful heart, God is pleased. Give in your marriage like never before. This will take practice so get started when you’re engaged and you will be on the right track!


It’s worth saying again that it’s a blessing from above to have a spouse with whom you can spend time, enjoy your company, and make memories. When you have a mindset of giving and a heart for growing, those are just two qualities that will help your marriage remain strong.

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