Five great ways to reduce wedding planning stress

This post is for couples who can really feel the pressures of wedding planning stress or who would like to avoid them.

After reading this blog post my prayer is that you don’t feel overwhelmed with stress when you think about planning your wedding.

The challenge with keeping stress at a manageable level while wedding planning is that it comes from so many different directions all at one time. Budgeting, designing, wedding guest lists, travel, just to name a few things that are easily stressors.

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The Stress-Reducing Stages

As soon as you’re engaged

6 months to go

On the day of your wedding

What if you could reduce the stress of wedding planning at the very beginning by including these 5 steps into your plan?

Every single wedding will involve a great deal of stress. We cover this point in other blog posts however it is worth repeating. Every couple should have a plan on how to deal with this stress. This will help to think about life through the wedding day into the marriage.

Therefore, the good news is that by taking some clearly defined steps to reduce stress you will significantly change how your wedding planning process will go.

Wedding Planning Stress Reducers

  1. Plan a getaway
  2. Be present
  3. Keep your prayer and devotional life current
  4. Remember the joy in each task
  5.  Keep a journal

Take these steps to reduce your stress from engagement through your wedding day. You will be glad that you have a plan specifically to deal with stress. Take it from experience that stress will come in one form or another. By following these steps you will have confidence that you are prepared. Also, feel free to create steps of your own as you see fit. No one knows your situation better than you do.

The next step is to get your venue booked!

Hopefully this list reduces your stress. Check back for more content on wedding planning.

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