A Simple Greeting for a Wedding Card

A greeting for a wedding card should be simple and encourage the couple in their newfound journey. Remember that although you want to support the couple and make them feel loved, you will be one of many guests who will be sharing similar sentiments. This does not mean that you should change your greeting. Remember to keep it to a reasonable length and share a greeting according to your relationship with the couple.

Where to Leave a Wedding Greeting

There are several types of wedding cards. You may have a community card at the wedding where you can leave a greeting that everyone else will also see. It may be a beautiful mirror or a large designed board on display at the wedding reception. This is where it’s important to be careful that your greeting does not take up too much space and that it is not too personal. You will make the couple uncomfortable if you share too much in this space. This is meant for a greeting that both the couple and others will appreciate.

greeting for a wedding card
A Simple Greeting for a Wedding Card 4 greeting for a wedding card

The reality is that people often use these community cards for inspiration to write their own greetings. You may have a naturally gifted person who will get the card started and then others will take a peek to see what’s appropriate. A tip for couples: although it’s not necessary, you may even want to have someone from your wedding party, family member, or wedding planner write a greeting first so that others will feel more comfortable sharing their own greeting, and so they will have an idea of what’s appropriate to share.

A Traditional Greeting Card

Another type of wedding card is the traditional greeting card. Of course, in a traditional greeting card, you will leave it in a box, and the couple will have plenty of time, most likely after the honeymoon, to read the card. This is when it’s more appropriate to leave a more personal, more lengthy message for your couple. You may even include more personal and private comments, such as how you will continue to pray for them and how you are there to support them in their needs as a couple. In other words, you may include in a private greeting card the comments that you think they may appreciate but others may not understand the same way.

The beauty of a traditional greeting card is it’s something that the couple can keep forever if they want to, and they can always come back to your personal, encouraging message whenever they like. They also may choose to repurpose those special messages into a greeting board, photo background, or collage. A traditional greeting card may sound more simple but it has far more options for how it may be received and repurposed. The other obvious thing about a traditional greeting card is that you can include any kind of gift you choose such as cash, gift card, or printed explanation of a vacation or anything your imagination has for them.

greeting for a wedding card
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A Message Box Greeting for a Wedding Card

Rather than a publicly displayed message board, the couple might opt for a private box where guests can leave messages at the wedding. Rather than a box for full-sized greeting cards, this may be a private box for shorter, sweeter messages. This type of greeting for a wedding card takes even more thought because you want to make the couple feel loved but you also have no choice but to keep the message short. In this case, just let them know that you are happy for them, you are excited for them, and if you know them well enough that you love them.

Including Your Greeting for a Wedding Card in Your Gift

Rather than separating your greeting card from your gift, there may be some rare occasions when you are able to include your greeting card and gift. This would be the case with a gift such as a piece of art or something like a photo that includes your couple. These more artistic gifts provide the opportunity to include your greeting as part of the artwork.

Similar to the small private gift box, however, this type of greeting will require you to be shorter with your message most of the time, unless the gift is large enough to include your greeting. Again, in this case, you want to remember that your greeting will live on for a long time. You don’t want to include any embarrassing details that you don’t want anyone to read far into the future.

A Video Greeting

Another personal type of greeting for a wedding card, or rather message is a video. You can give this together with a cash gift and like a traditional written greeting card the couple can keep it forever. They will also be able to see your face, hear your words, feel the emotion in your presentation and literally feel the love. A video wedding greeting will likely become more popular and begin to even replace other types of greeting cards because they are so reusable, dynamic, and fun! If you choose to give a video greeting, remember to keep your comments relevant to the wedding.

You don’t want the greeting to become dated for the wrong reasons. You want it to live forever. You may want to include specific details such as the love that the couple had on their faces and how much of a blessing it is to witness their union but try not to include too many jokes or irrelevant details that will not be appreciated later. A video greeting has plenty of its own advantages. Just remember to provide another gift along with it!

The Reason for the Greeting

No matter what type of wedding greeting your couple chooses, remember that leaving a message is to show your love and support to them and to leave a message from the heart. Always remember that your greeting should match the level of relationship you have with the couple. When in doubt, be sure to leave a message similar to something you have shared with them before in person. This is not the best time to experiment with your level of relationship with the couple or to try something brand new. Let them know you are supporting them according to how well you know them at the time of their wedding. They will appreciate your kind words!

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