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A Simple, Effective Guide to Honorary Bridesmaids

This is the place for your quick guide to honorary bridesmaids!

Honorary bridesmaids are the way to go if:

Your wedding party is already getting larger than you need it to be to support you on your special day.

You have friends or family who might not be available or able to perform all of the duties of a bridesmaid.

You want to include someone as a way to honor them but don’t need them to be included in all of the wedding events.

honorary bridesmaids

Advantages to Having Honorary Bridesmaids

Here are the advantages to having honorary bridesmaids:

Naming someone as an honorary bridesmaid is a genuine and meaningful gesture that will be remembered forever.

It’s a way to include more of your community if you have lots of loved ones that you’re working to find an appropriate place in your wedding.

It will always be a part of the history of your wedding that you included someone in this significant way.

If you do need help that goes beyond what the bridesmaids are able to perform this is a great way to have backup ready that won’t mind assisting with small tasks because they are already included in the wedding celebration.

Reasons Not to Have Honorary Bridesmaids

You want to balance out the wedding party with groomsmen. If you want to have as many bridesmaids as you like do what you need to feel supported. Just make sure that what is important to you is front and center. In other words, in another article, we stated that there are creative ways to include a large group of bridesmaids if there are no groomsmen.

Having the bridesmaids sit during the ceremony (or having a few stand) and including the bridesmaids in other parts of the ceremony like reading or singing a song are good alternative ideas. Yes, it is nice to have balanced photos but always remember the most important thing is that the couple, especially the bride, feel supported during the wedding day.

Another reason that you should not have honorary bridesmaids is that you don’t want to deal with the work that it takes to have bridesmaids. That actually is a good reason but in the long run, you will appreciate having everyone as a bridesmaid that you wanted to have. It’s worth the short-term work that it takes and yes it will be work but after it’s all said and done you don’t want to regret not asking someone just because it was going to be a little more work.

Cost is another reason not to assign honorary bridesmaids meaning you should share as much of the cost is appropriate with your wedding party, for example, the cost of a tux or bridesmaids’ dresses should be with the wedding party. But at the same time you do have to watch costs, In this case, however, the individual costs of your wedding party should be taken care of individually unless otherwise stated during wedding planning.

Things to Remember

Things to Remember

Invite your honorary bridesmaids just like you would your other bridesmaids. In fact, make them feel special by making them realize that being an honorary bridesmaid is being a bridesmaid in your wedding. Be sure to print their names in your invitations to them with the words honorary bridesmaid as well as in your ceremony program, website, and anywhere else names are printed.

Also, don’t forget to mention their names sometime during the reception. As far as wedding events, it’s optional to invite your honorary bridesmaids to all of your events but your wedding shower would be a good place to invite them. It would not be necessary to invite them to your bachelorette party, or as we prefer to call it, bridesmaids’ day nor to your rehearsal dinner unless you will have them in a visible and active role during the wedding which you don’t have to.


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