How to Enjoy Wedding Planning. 4 Inspired Practices For You

How to enjoy wedding planning. You’re ready to begin planning. You have your date, your venue, and most importantly, your spouse-to-be. But before you get started you want to be sure you are ready to enjoy the process.

If You Feel Like Giving Up On Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be very stressful for many different reasons. The stress can come from planning your budget, venue, inviting your guests, and wedding party. And all of the above. Planning your wedding will be stressful unless you have a plan to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by all the moving parts. But instead of just ensuring you don’t get stressed and overwhelmed, there is another option. You can enjoy your wedding planning process. This post will help you with how to enjoy wedding planning.

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Wedding Planning Tips For Brides

When it comes to how to enjoy wedding planning, brides can do a few things to help them enjoy the process. One of those things is to talk with other brides about creative and fun things that they did while they were planning their wedding. The reason this is so powerful is that every bride is different, and every bride will do different things to relax, decompress, and find joy in their own way.

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Here’s the thing. You might not do those same things your fellow bride did to help enjoy the process. But even in just asking, you are providing yourself an outlet and giving your chance opportunity to enjoy yourself. Consider it a win if you get a laugh or two from the conversation itself and nothing else.

Wedding Tips for Couples

For couples, how to enjoy wedding planning is about your purpose and your life together. When we forget our purpose, it’s much easier to get stressed and overwhelmed by our actions. So remember to visit where you went for your first date. Travel to the same place where you took your first vacation. Talk about how you felt on your first date together.

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Tap into the reason why you are here planning your wedding in the first place. When you take some time to remember how you got here and why you are moving forward, planning your wedding will be much more enjoyable.

Getting Excited About Wedding Planning

Now, it’s time to get excited. Prepare to remove all negative thoughts and situations as much as possible from your wedding planning. That way, you can live in the moment and begin to prepare yourself to enjoy what comes next, the best season of your life. We often don’t think about planning our wedding as the good days, the exciting days, or the fun days because there is so much work that is involved, but if we take time to realize what we are doing and what this means for our future with our spouse we can’t help to enjoy what’s happening.

Think about the different events that are part of a typical American wedding. The wedding shower, guy time, bridesmaids’ day, dress shopping, dress choosing, wedding ceremony events, and your honeymoon. These are exciting times, but the planning of the events and the hard work that goes into them can be stressful. Be sure to celebrate every event in your own way before or after the event as a couple as a way to process what you have done and so that you can also say a healthy goodbye to the event.

How Do I Relax when planning a wedding?

We all have ways that we enjoy relaxing. The hard part with wedding planning is remembering to do those things during our wedding planning process. The key here is to set a reminder or ask someone to help you to keep on track with your relaxation routine.

Your best man and maid/matron of honor would be great choices for this task. Ask them to reach out to you regularly and remind you to breathe, take a walk, get some fresh air, exercise, or connect by phone and get a good laugh. The better your backup plan to relax, especially on the more stressful days the better prepared you will be to withstand those tough moments.

4 Favorite Tips To Enjoy Wedding Planning

  1. Clear yourself from all of the negative thinking, situations, and anything that might be hindering you from being your best self during the wedding planning process. This is critically important. Take all the time you need for this.
  2. Get out and do something you know you enjoy, preferably with your spouse-to-be, and preferably something you can connect with as part of your story. Visit that first date location, go to the same place where you first got to know and talk each other up. This is how to enjoy wedding planning. By encouraging one another and making one other feel supported during the process.
  3. Enjoy the moments. Don’t think about it as one big planning process. Be sure to take a break, take a breath, and take a moment to enjoy what you are doing all along the way. Get excited about the progress that you are making. Get excited that you are getting closer. Be sure to have a countdown to your wedding day devotional and even to each event. It won’t hurt to celebrate as much as you need to. And when you take in these moments also find a way to remember them later. These are the moments that will also make your future anniversaries special if you are able to look back on them in a special and specific way.
  4. Make a game out of your wedding planning process. See who can book the best vendor for the best price. See which one of you can come up with the best hashtag. Sometimes to enjoy things, we have to make a game out of them to get invested. Try this with your wedding planning process as well. Ultimately, you both win as long as you are committed to the process and remember how to enjoy wedding planning.

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