4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding

Author: Leslie Campos

July 6, 2021

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A day of love, laughter, and joy

It’s a day of love, laughter, and joy. One should not have to be bogged down thinking of how much things cost, potential debt, or savings used. It should be a time of celebration. Thankfully, Wedistry has a few low-cost, high-impact ways to prepare your own home for the wedding of your dreams.

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4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding 9 ideas for a backyard wedding

Ideas for a Backyard Wedding in Your Own Backyard: Prepping the Home

There are plenty of functions the inside of your home can hold for your wedding. It can be a staging area for photographs, a meeting place for friends and family, and even guest quarters. A large part of making your home ready involves cleaning every inch. To get the perfect photos, things may be moved around by the photographer. They will want to ensure every aspect is perfect, and you don’t want to spot clean when the couch is moved only to reveal dust on the floor beneath it. Start cleaning by getting rid of clutter.

Showcasing Your Home

When you are looking for ideas for a backyard wedding, you want to showcase your home, inside and out, so think of this as staging. This may require putting some things in storage, in the garage or a dedicated facility, to free up as much space as possible. Then, give yourself at least a week just to clean. Start where things are dirtiest, and then work top to bottom. Don’t ignore bases of furniture and walls, either. Southern Living recommends repairing any broken or dinged hardware, such as cabinet handles, or even scratches on a wall.

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4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding 10 ideas for a backyard wedding

A Fresh Update

Now may also be the time to update or repair pieces of furniture. You’ll first want to contact a pro near you, which is as simple as searching for “upholsterers in my area” via a trusted online directory like Angi. In general, the cost includes fabric, new padding and supplies, and labor; according to Angi the project will average $652 depending on the specific item. While reading reviews and ratings online is a great start to choosing a pro, it’s a good idea to check with past customers to see what their experience was when they had their furniture reupholstered.

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Preparing Your Yard

As with your home’s interior, your yard should look perfect for this occasion. Make any repairs you need (i.e., fence mending), and, as Family Handyman notes, try to keep your plants looking healthy, vibrant and coordinated for your color scheme. Remember that your photographer will be taking pictures outdoors (Wedistry notes that summertime backyard weddings is one of the hottest photography trends in 2021), so consider the aforementioned as well as “props.” An arbor or pergola can add a magical quality to any venue. Prefab models are more affordable and range from $75 to $200.

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Keeping the Critters Away

Since you’ll be spending time outdoors during the wedding, it’s wise to invest in pest control to keep bugs from bothering guests. Treat your backyard with items such as mosquito control the day before to ensure effectiveness and to prevent chemicals from getting on guests’ skin and clothes.

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4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding 13 ideas for a backyard wedding

Managing Food Costs

Catering can be one of the most expensive aspects when you are deciding on ideas for a backyard wedding, costing on average from  $1,700 to $7,000 according to WeddingWire. Buffets are a cheaper option than plated dinners, but even they can run almost $30 per person. To save money, choose locally sourced foods, less choice cuts of meat, and use disposable dinnerware. You also needn’t serve appetizers, as this can nearly double your bill. Even better, provide some basics either homemade or purchased from a restaurant and hold a potluck.

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4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding 14 ideas for a backyard wedding

Finding the Perfect Favors

Another way to keep costs low while you think of ideas for a backyard wedding is to have a fabulous ceremony is to save a little on the wedding favors. A memento for family and friends is nice, but often, expensive favors mean more to us than the guests. There are ways to still have fun, festive gifts without spending too much. There are many options available, and they just take a little extra time and thought to discover.

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4 Awesome Ideas for a Backyard Wedding 15 ideas for a backyard wedding

Your Heart’s Desire

Your wedding should be filled with the details that make your heart flutter, not skip a beat due to cost. With the right planning and preparation, you will have both beautiful photographs and sparkling memories to last a lifetime. Transform your home and make it the venue you have always wanted.

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