Can you wear jeans to a wedding? 4 Helpful Tips

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Jeans to a wedding are probably not your first thought when it comes to what you will wear. But there are a few circumstances where this might just be acceptable. In this blog post, we will cover what those situations are so that you remain on good terms with the bride and groom.

jeans to a wedding
Can you wear jeans to a wedding? 4 Helpful Tips 3 jeans to a wedding

Jeans to a wedding. When and where is this acceptable?

Your first thought is probably that wearing jeans to a wedding is never acceptable. Well, you are partly right. You should never assume what your wedding attire will be especially because there are multiple wedding events. This post is actually more for couples planning a wedding than attendees because you want to be sure you make your requests clear when it comes to attire for all your wedding events. The best way to do this is to include the attire details on the individual event invitations. That way your guests will not need to guess about what they should wear to each event.

But there are some specific situations that wearing jeans to a wedding is acceptable. We will cover those situations, just keep reading!

Can I wear jeans to a wedding?

Yes. That’s the answer. If the couple hosting the wedding that you’re attending says that casual attire is acceptable, and more specifically if you have communicated with them specifically about wearing jeans, and better yet if they are also wearing jeans to a wedding, their wedding, then you can too.

These are really the only cases in which you should even consider wearing jeans to a wedding because in general weddings are formal occasions. To be clear, if the couple says that casual attire is acceptable that is not a pass to wear jeans to a wedding. Casual attire can mean lots of different things that still do not mean jeans and you will want to be sure that this is ok before you go shopping.

jeans to a wedding
Can you wear jeans to a wedding? 4 Helpful Tips 4 jeans to a wedding

Can I wear jeans and a blazer to a wedding

After you get the go-ahead to wear jeans to a wedding you can start thinking about your options. One of the best ways to style this look is to wear a blazer and dress shoes. This is a way to keep the casual denim look but at the same time show that you care that you are attending a special occasion. A colorful blazer will even take some attention away from the fact that you are wearing jeans to a wedding. If you wear a dark wash this will style especially well and it will look like your look is intentionally more than just something you decided to wear that day.

My personal favorites for jeans right now are American Tall because of my height and Gap which always seems to come through.

Outdoor Weddings

If you are attending an outdoor wedding, another thing you will want to think about is what kind of shoes to wear with your jeans. You are fine to wear open-toed shoes if the wedding is outdoors. This is common for outdoor weddings regardless of your dress but will go well especially if you are granted permission to wear jeans as a guest.

Indoor Weddings

If you are attending an indoor wedding, which would be very rare if the couple is allowing guests to wear jeans, you may want to opt for closed-toed shoes that match the theme and dress code of the wedding.

Getting The OK From The Couple

This can’t be said enough. The answer to whether you can wear jeans to a wedding depends completely on getting direct communication from the couple that this is acceptable. I would even suggest making sure that this is in writing in some form or another. That may sound extreme but trust me the last thing you want is a miscommunication on this.

If this ok is printed on an invitation or if you have it in an e-mail or maybe even a text that would be better than going off of a conversation about the dress code. You just want to be sure that you are meeting their wishes when it comes to the dress code and how to best fit in with all of the other guests at the wedding.

Enjoy the wedding!

Once you have clear communication from the couple to wear jeans to a wedding you are good to go! The challenge is just making sure that this is acceptable attire but once you get the ok you will be able to truly enjoy yourself because you will be completely comfortable. The only thing that you might want to think about is any clothes or shoes that you prefer to dance in but other than that enjoy the wedding!

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