5 Long Distance Bridesmaid Ideas for Inspired Wedding Planning

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Your long distance bridesmaid wants to know what to do for your wedding. This blog post is especially for the bride and for the bridesmaid who is ready to fulfill this very special role.

5 Novel Ideas for Your Wedding

Long Distance Bridesmaid Ideas

You’re engaged! You’ve taken care of the most important wedding details like saving the date, reserving your wedding venue, and your wedding officiant. Now, it’s time to assemble your wedding party! This isn’t as easy as it once was especially during COVID. There are many reasons why you may not be able to gather in person even when your wedding date will not change.

Some brides have even postponed their wedding dates 2 and even 3 times and now you’re wondering how to go forward with your special day. Enter the long distance bridesmaid. This is one or multiple bridesmaids in your wedding party who will not be able to attend in person but who are completely willing to support you and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Find a Consistent Way to Communicate

One thing you will quickly discover with having any members of your wedding party in a different location. you will need to communicate even more than you would if your long distance bridesmaid was able to be present. This means that you will want to be sure that you are using the same way to communicate with your long distance bridesmaid as well as your whole wedding party.

This is where our app, Wedistry for Wedding Parties shines. You can stay up to date on each wedding event and know exactly when each event is happing such as the wedding shower, bridesmaids’ day and even the wedding rehearsal, ceremony, and reception.

Using the same method of communication, whether it is the Wedistry App, FaceTime, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams will be helpful because you won’t need to keep track of multiple apps to reach out to your wedding party. The Wedistry for Wedding Parties App will take care of all of your wedding events and you can choose an app like Zoom for virtual calls or even for the events themselves.

Another important task is to be clearer about the role your long distance bridesmaid will serve in your wedding. This is because you want to be sure that you are setting aside a significant role for any long distance bridesmaids. In other words, you don’t want anyone to be an afterthought just because they are not able to attend in person.

This is true especially if you only have one person who is not able to travel to the wedding. This is even more true if that person is not the Maid of Honor. The reason for this is because the Maid of Honor is typcially well thought of no matter whether they are present or not. This also true for their role. But if a bridesmaid who is not the Maid of Honor is not present you will want to be sure that their roles are clearly established.

Examples of Long Distance Bridesmaid Duties

Organizing Wedding Shower and/or Bridesmaids’ Day

Communicating with Wedding Planner

Assist with Finding Wedding Dress

Consult with Bride on Wedding Design

Pray with Bride and provide spiritual support

long distance bridesmaid

Long Distance Bridesmaid Proposal

Don’t forget to ask your bridesmaid in a way that will be remembered and appreciated. This is another way to make your long distance bridesmaid feel special if they are not able to attend the events or wedding in person. Send a gift ahead of time and let them know that you have something to ask them at a specific time.

For this call, you can use FaceTime instead of Zoom because it should be just the 2 of you or you can also ask all of your bridesmaids at the same time if you prefer. Remember to ask your bridesmaid to support you in this role with plenty of time to spare so that they will be ready to support you in the best way!

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