New Wedding Planner: Favorite Pick for your 2021 Wedding

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Download the Wedistry app, follow these steps and you will be glad you did.

The challenge is the time that it takes to communicate with so many different people. Chances are that most of your wedding party live in different cities all across the country. Let’s be honest, coordinating all of them can be a huge headache. Therefore, Wedistry has a great solution for you!

Getting Started Is Easier Than You Think

From personal experience of officiating weddings for over 10 years and also particpating in many more I have found a solution to a common problem when it comes to wedding planning. That problem is keeping everyone on the same page and removing needless or repetitive communication. If you have ever planned a wedding have you ever had the same conversation with 5 people in the same day? Even in today’s world have you jumped on a zoom with your wedding party and most of the time was spent explaining where and when to be?

For exmaple, you spent an hour letting everyone know how to get fitted for their bridesmaids or groomsman dresses and tuxes? I understand that sometimes you just have to talk these things out but not all of these details need hours and hours of explaning. Time is critical during wedding planning and the goal of Wedistry is to reduce your stress with unnecessary communication so that you will have time for what’s more important. You need a new wedding planner that will help with that.

You want to dedicate your time to important things during wedding planning.

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No one wants to spend their time texting wedding guests. You would rather book your wedding venue, choose your design and choose your registry items.

Downloading on the App Store is the best way to save time.

What if you could plan your wedding events in minutes instead of months?

New Wedding Planner

Our brand new wedding planner is not meant to replace your person hired for this task. However, it is guaranteed to save you time that you can direct towards more important things like spending time with your spouse to be. Here are the benefits of downloading Wedistry for Wedding Parties on the App Store:

Know all of your wedding events and times in one place.

Have a clear view of your wedding party and everyone’s role.

Update your wedding date, reception date/location, and rehearsal information at one time for all attendees.

It doesn’t get any better than that! This app was literally made to save you time. It’s your new wedding planning best friend!

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Event Planning

Event planning alone can be a huge time consumer during your wedding planning process. This new digital wedding event planner accounts for some of the pain points you experience during wedding planning that mainly have to do with communication among wedding parties. The reality is that you will still spend time choosing all of your favorite aspects of designing your wedding. By the way, check our Wedistry Pinterest board for ideas on wedding design, venues, and details.

Even though you will spend time choosing all of your favorite parts and budgeting for your big day you will eliminate the back and forth and multiple conversations in one day with members of your wedding party and your core group of vendors. This will allow you more time to enjoy getting ready and have fun throughout the process.

One thing that a lot of people don’t talk about is that when you are getting married you make sure that everyone enjoys the process but you don’t get a chance to enjoy time with your love as much as you’d like. That really defeats the whole purpose because you’re supposed to be building your love for that special day when you are joined together. Everyone else will be fine. it’s really important that you enjoy every phase of getting married.

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Assigning your Wedding Party

Here’s how it works. Start by choosing your wedding day. Next, invite your wedding party by selecting each person with their contact information, for example their e-mail. and sending them an invitation. Included in your invitation will be the role you want them to be in your wedding. You will also check all of the wedding events that person will participate in over the coming months. That’s it!

It’s as simple as that. It might not sound groundbreaking but I’m here to tell you that this is one of the most time-consuming parts of wedidng planning. Simply keeping certain participants up to date on the events they should attend. You can add notes about attire and anything else you would want your wedding party to know based on their role.

See how much time you’ve saved? We hope you share our favorite app with someone else!

Next Wedding Planning Step

The next step is to make sure all of your vendors are booked!

Thanks for reading our blog! We hope our favorite new wedding planner is yours as well!

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