Your Old Wedding Dress and 3 Special Ideas What to do With It

If your old wedding dress is hanging in your closet this post is for you. By the end of the article, you will have some ideas for what do to with your dress.

old wedding dress

Old Wedding Dress

You should know that you have several options for what to do with your wedding dress. But before thinking about any of your options remember that your dress belongs to you and no one except your spouse should have input into what you should do with your wedding dress. In other words you own your wedding dress and if you should decide what to do with it and later change your mind it goes without saying that is your right.

Do with your dress what you think is best. When you are first married you may think that keeping it forever is what you want to do. But later you might think that it has a better purpose than keeping it. Again, it would be helpful whatever you are thinking about doing to discuss it with your spouse because your spouse is fully a part of your wedding and marriage. Your spouse might have an emotional attachment to your dress that you are not aware of. It would be better if you are aware of this so that you know how your spouse feels as well and you are not surprised later.

What to do with Old Wedding Dresses

Your options for what to do with your old wedding dress depend on how sentimental you are, how nostalgic you are, and how much you need the dress for example. If you don’t tend to keep things from special occasions, or better yet if you don’t like to keep things that will not be used again in the same way that they are used before you might not want to keep your dress.

We tend to put a special emphasis on keeping wedding dresses for a few reasons. Our wedding has an exceptionally unique place in our lives on an emotional level. That will cause us to keep more things to remember this special day such as a photo album, souvenirs from our reception, flower bouquets, and many other items.

Another reason we tend to keep wedding dresses is because of the cost. It’s one thing that is very expensive that we have the option to keep so many do. Finally, another reason that we keep our wedding dresses is that they are stunningly gorgeous. Wedding dresses are pieces of art and they are enjoyable to look at and it is hard to part ways with them.

These reasons do not mean that we have to keep them. The thing to remember about what you decide to do with your wedding dress is purpose. Is the purpose of keeping it greater than other options or are other options greater than keeping it?

Old Wedding Dress Recycle

One option that you have is to recycle your wedding dress. That means that you will give the dress to an organization that will use the dress as it is best used. If one part of the dress works best for one dress and another part for another dress then recycling the dress would benefit the most people.

Consider Donating to a person

Another option for what to do with your old wedding dress is to give it to a specific person who needs it. This doesn’t have to be done directly. For example, you could use your church or a local church to find a person who may be in need of a wedding dress.

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Share with family member

You could also choose to keep your dress for someone in your family in the future. This would be an amazing way to show support and continue your family lineage. It’s also a great financial support if your family member is able to wear your dress for their wedding.

Preserve Your Dress

The 2 keys to preserving your dress are to get it cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding, like the next day if possible, and to have it done by a professional who does wedding dresses. Yes, you can get this done by most dry cleaners however you will want to make sure that the cleaner has experience specifically with cleaning wedding dresses. The best way to do this is to find positive reviews on Yelp. You can always find a good review there! 

Keep Your Dress

After all, if you don’t feel compelled to donate your dress or share it with a family member you should never feel guilty or anything related to keeping your dress forever. You know that your dress has enough meaning to you that that is enough reason for you to keep your dress without ever having to explain why to anyone. It’s one of the best ways to remember your special day and who knows? One of the best reasons to keep your dress is that you might want to renew your vows one day.

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