7 Brilliant Reasons To Use Online Wedding Invitations

Without a doubt, digitalization has helped us incredibly. A long time ago, you would have to wait days for your letter or mail to get to the recipient and another number of days to get their reply. But now, you can send and receive messages in the blink of an eye. So, just as you communicate and send files digitally, who says you shouldn’t use online wedding invitations?

In case you don’t already know, an online wedding invitation is simply any wedding invitation you send electronically. It’s just like sending a pdf file or ebook to someone through Facebook, email, Hangouts, or WhatsApp. They download the file, and they have it. Easy-peasy!

Your wedding invitation is the first part of your wedding that guests will interact with. But you don’t have to worry about printing hundreds of paper cards anymore. Online wedding invitations or E-wedding invitations save you an incredible load of worry.

Reasons to consider using Online Wedding Invitation

So, if you’re still unsure, here’s why you should use online paperless wedding invitations.

1. Online wedding invitations save cost

Do you know that the average cost of printing wedding cards is $445 with a guest count of 120?

That’s you’re spending about $3.70 for each guest. But it’s far different with online wedding invitations because you only need to design one card and send them to as many people as you desire. Your graphics designer may charge only $50 for the one card. Again it’s like forwarding an ebook to all your WhatsApp contact. All you need is an Internet connection.

2. Saves time

This is a no-brainer. You don’t have to wait for your designer to finish creating 150 save-the-dates before you start sending them out. Neither do you have to move from door to door, visit friends to give them the card, or go to the postal service.

All you do is pick up your phone and share the online wedding invitations on your Facebook timeline and as many places you wish to, all in a split second.

An entirely hassle-free process.

3. RSVP-ing becomes super easy

People don’t always respond to printed invitations because of the stress involved in filling out the RSVP and mailing it back. With an online wedding invitations service, you can send your invitation along with your wedding website, where your guests can quickly tick the box.

4. It’s eco-friendly

If you’re an eco-conscious couple, then you know what this means. No tree would have to go down in order to create your paper invitation cards. But that’s not all.

By using a paperless, online wedding invitation, you’d be avoiding items that would otherwise end up in landfills.

A paperless wedding invitation is, therefore, an excellent way to bring sustainability into your wedding plan.

5. Eliminate a lot of headaches

If you’ve seen an online wedding checklist, then you’d want to do all you can to avoid mailing printed wedding invitations.

  • You’d have to collect mailing addresses
  • Verify these addresses
  • Order the printing
  • Reorder if there’s any slight mistake
  • Send an invitation to each address
  • Get and verify postage for each card
  • Mail the invitation

An E-wedding invitation eliminates all of that stress.

6. DIY like a pro

One of the benefits of online wedding invitations is that you can easily customize hundreds of design templates and options to suit your wedding style. There are many free and paid design apps like canva that allow even a novice to design like a pro.

Maybe you’re going for a vintage, floral, or rustic theme for your wedding. You can match this right into your wedding invitation and website to create consistency without having to pay a graphics designer.

Additionally, you can edit your design whenever you wish without having to start afresh.

7. Have all your designs in one place

Online invitation suites allow you to create your wedding invites, save the dates, wedding website, and thank-you cards as part of the entire suite.

What to include in your online wedding invitation suite

Have you finally decided an e-wedding invitation is the right choice for you?

Now’s the time to start designing!

Pro tip: your online invitation is basically like a printed card save that it’s only a soft copy.

So, what are the essential stationery to include in your wedding invitation suite?

·       Save-the-date cards

As the name suggests, save-the-dates will tell your guests what date you’ve set out for your wedding so they can keep it in mind and add it to their schedule. It’s a simple design with your pre-wedding photo, names, and date.

You’ll send out save-the-dates before any other card, probably 6 months before the wedding date.

·       Wedding invitation

The actual wedding invitation design will contain more information than a save-the-date. It should contain your names, requesting the presence of the guest, wedding, date, and venue.

You can also state what tone, color, or dress code is set out for that day. If you like, you can send your online wedding invitation alongside a map giving directions to the location and hotels nearby.

This may go out about 3 months before the wedding.

·       RSVP cards

Your RSVP card is for the guest to fill out whether they accept or decline the invitation. So you should leave blanks for them to write out their names, whether they’re coming with someone or whether they decline.

·       Reception card

Reception cards are not always necessary as you may choose to indicate your reception venue alongside the invitation. But if the reception will take place at a later time or date, you may decide to have a separate card. It can also include menu details so the guests would know what to expect.

Still, it’s your opinion whether to design a separate reception card or not.

·       Wedding program

The wedding program shows the order of events. It gives details on the bridal party, groomsmen, song titles and the order in which they’ll be sung. It often ends with a thank you note.


Again, your online wedding invitation suite makes life a whole lot easier by having all your wedding cards and information in one place. Your guests can log in to your wedding website, tick their RSVP “yes” or “no,” and you can breathe easier knowing a rough estimate of how many people are coming to your wedding.

Websites to custom design your E-wedding invitation

The following design websites will make your designing and sending your online wedding invitation a seamless process from start to finish




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Bottom Line

An online wedding invitation is the new-age solution for a faster, cheaper, and easier approach to wedding planning. Opting for e-wedding invitations will indeed minimize so many headaches and costs.

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