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Written By Aaron Smith

Rev. Aaron Smith enjoys sharing insights from over 10 years of wedding officiating experience.

This post is for any groom looking for the best wedding tux rental or a bride looking for a great recommendation.

When you finish this blog post you will have my personal recommendation and review for a tux rental!

The challenge with tux rentals is you never know what the final result will look like. Even when you get measured and fitted you just can’t quite be sure.

Shop your look

Get your fit

Gather your groomsmen

Get one last fit: if needed

You’re looking for a personal recommendation and review for a wedding tux rental. You’ve come to the right place. I used the service that I am reviewing today for my very own wedding. I carefully chose the best service for my big day. Now I want to share as much as I can remember about my experience with this review.

Best Wedding Tux Rental

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wedding tux rental
Best Wedding Tux Rental Review – The Black Tux 5 wedding tux rental

Shop Your Look

The great thing about the black tux is the combination of style and cost. Honestly, I didn’t find any styles that I preferred that were at a higher price point. For a wedding tux rental, I found the black tux very affordable. Tuxes are $145 as of the date this post is published. This is an amazing cost for the quality of tuxes and the number of style options available for the black tux. Not to mention one of the best parts about the black tux is that they are mostly located in Nordstrom stores.

I have always found Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack to be quality places to find suits and men’s apparel for an affordable price. But the fact that the black tux is located in Nordstrom makes the availability and convenience even better. If you need any other accessories for your big day you won’t have to travel to 5 different stores to find what you need for your wedding.

Your look is based on your style however the customer service associates are the best and the most knowledgeable at these stores. That means you are getting the best price with the best customer service and even tailors available to make sure you are ready for the big day.

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wedding tux rental
Best Wedding Tux Rental Review – The Black Tux 6 wedding tux rental

Get Your Fit

Once you have picked out your style you will need to return to the store to get fitted for your tux. If you are able to choose your tux and get fitted the same day that’s great however this is a very popular service and you will likely need to return it. This is not uncommon even if you were to purchase your tux or have it done by a tailor. So you are still at an advantage using the black tux. My fitting went as well as I could have imagined. It was quick but I didn’t feel rushed by my customer service associate.

wedding tux rental
Best Wedding Tux Rental Review – The Black Tux 7 wedding tux rental

Gather Your Groomsmen

Once you know that the black tux will work for you, you will want to let your groomsmen know right away that this is what you’re going with. Another advantage of the black tux is that your groomsmen will most likely be able to get fitted at a Nordstrom close to where they live.

If you don’t have a wedding tux rental location close to them what you can do is have your guy time/bachelor party and have it at a location where everyone will be at the same place at the same time. You can all get fitted very quickly and then the black tux will send everyone their tuxes to their home address. Amazing! This is what I did for my groomsmen. Here is a full list of locations as of 7/5/21 in case you need it:

The Black Tux Locations

The Americana at Brand

Los Angeles
Nordstrom Local Melrose

Orange County Area
The Shops at Mission Viejo

Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton

Denver Area
Park Meadows

Dadeland Mall

Perimeter Mall

Chicago Area
Old Orchard CenterMARYLAND
Baltimore Area
Towson Town Center

Montgomery Mall

Boston Area
Natick Mall

Detroit Area
Twelve Oaks Mall

Minneapolis Area

Garden State Plaza

Long Island Area
Roosevelt Field

Easton Town Center

Philadelphia Area
The Plaza at King of Prussia

Barton Creek Square

Houston Area
The Woodlands

Salt Lake City Area
Fashion Place

The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City

Seattle Area
Alderwood Mall

Get One Last Fit: If Needed

wedding tux rental
Best Wedding Tux Rental Review – The Black Tux 8 wedding tux rental

One of the best features the black tux offers is free re-fitting if you need it. There is one thing that I would do over again. I would have taken advantage of one last re-sizing. The experts did a really good job of sizing me however I lost a decent amount of weight right before my wedding and my tux was a little loose because of the weight I lost. If this happens you will want to give yourself a little time to return your suit to the black tux and they will be sure to keep re-sizing your suit or tux until they get it right!

And so, there you have it. My personal recommendation for tux rental is the black tux. From customer service to the quality of clothing and style, this is not only the best way to shop for a tux today but also the service you should use.

The next step is to find the black tux location close to you and make an appointment. You should go by yourself first or with your spouse to make sure that the style fits your wedding design. Then come back for your fitting.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review. I hope it has been helpful!

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