5 Reasons Why We Love Minted Seasonal Greeting Cards

If you consider using Minted seasonal greeting cards, announcements, or invitations, this post is for you. I will share my wife’s experience using Minted for our New Year’s Cards.

By the end of this post, you will know our personal experience and recommendations for your seasonal greeting cards.

seasonal greeting cards

We know it’s hard to choose the right wedding invitations or seasonal announcements to send to your friends. That’s why we are here to share our experiences. What if you could find a seasonal greeting card that was high quality, reasonably priced, and efficient to send?

For example, we all need a greeting card or announcement, whether Christmas Cards, Baby Announcements, or New Year’s Cards. But all options are not the same. Minted stands out in several areas you will appreciate when you give them a chance. Not only that but just for taking the time to read this article, here is a discount just for you:

Our story was that we missed sending out Christmas cards two years in a row, and with a new arrival on the way, we told ourselves that we must send out announcements. A New Year’s Baby Announcement was the best choice to get back on the greeting card train. We were not disappointed. Here is why we went with Minted after researching and testing other services.

seasonal greeting cards

Reasons We Love Minted Seasonal Greeting Cards


As you can see in our design at the end of this blog post, Minted does an amazing job of merging the creation of the cards, your selections, and your message to make it look natural and organic. Nothing seems forced when trying to include your notes and greetings in your cards. Your cards end up looking like they truly represent you.

seasonal greeting cards

Easy to Use

After agonizing over what type of seasonal greeting cards my wife and I would use, we finally landed on Minted. We even bought greeting cards from the store stamps, but that wasn’t the best option.

Those cards are still sitting in the trunk of my car! My point is that once my wife sat down to choose and design our cards together, I don’t think we spent much more than an hour on two separate days selecting, creating, uploading our recipient list, purchasing, and ordering a sample. We saved a ton of time not only in preparing but in choosing and designing our cards as well.

seasonal greeting cards

The Design Selection

The selection of elegant designs might be the best feature that Minted offers. A little background. Minted functions by including a community of independent artists in their design selections. That means that you are never confined to one artist’s perspective. Every season contains as many styles and designs as possible, fitting your taste and recipients.

seasonal greeting cards

Options Options Options

The first decision you will make for a greeting card is what event you celebrate. Minted has all the options for seasonal greeting cards for Weddings, Graduation, Parties, and Thank you cards. Well, Minted has got you covered. Whatever you need, whether a special occasion, a special thank you, or even labels and school supplies, you will find what you need.

seasonal greeting cards

Delivered to You Done

Once you’ve decided on your cards, you can have them sent directly to you from Minted.com. Amazing! You no longer need to address your envelopes. All you need to do is fill your envelopes when they arrive, attach your postage, and place them in the mailbox!

Tip: If you are interested in using Minted for greeting cards in the future, keep your addresses updated throughout the year. That way, when it’s time to send cards again, your address assistant will be updated for New Year’s or a family announcement.

seasonal greeting cards

Here is how the front of our 2020 New Year’s Card turned out!

seasonal greeting cards

We will never forget the positive experience Minted provided to share our first baby announcement and New Year’s card with our family and friends.

seasonal greeting cards

The next step is to visit Minted.com and decide what’s best for your following announcement. One of the best features of Minted is that you can preview your selections, and they’re identical to the final product.

What are you waiting for? Stop by Minted.com today!

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