3 Delightful Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding

You are planning a small backyard wedding. This post is here to help you along the way!

Small Backyard Wedding Setup

A backyard wedding is similar to a traditional indoor wedding in some ways but very different. You won’t need many things, such as the design and decoration. On the other hand, you will need to make up for some of the things you would have in a traditional space. If you are having a small backyard wedding, you are more likely to have fewer people, which will also help with your preparation; however, at the same time, every detail will be more visible, and you will want to impress the few you’ve invited.

small backyard wedding
3 Delightful Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding 4 small backyard wedding

A Few Things You’ll Need

One of the things you will be sure to get set up is your access to electricity for all of the different needs that you will have during your wedding. From your vendors who may need to fire up a grill to your DJ or bank who will need to power their musical equipment to any microphones, whether surrounding the space or on the tables, you will want to be powered up. Take time to think about how much power you will need for your different preferences, and make sure your power sources will reach every part of your backyard as needed.

You will also want to think about charging stations. Everyone will want to ensure they don’t miss your special moments, so think about whether you have one designated table or corner for charging or whether this will be an option at each table. Either way, this will be an excellent way to make your guests feel welcome and at home in your backyard.

Getting Help

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family, especially your wedding party, for help with your backyard wedding. Be sure that when you ask your wedding party members to participate in your special day, you mention that you are having a wedding at home rather than in a traditional space. Getting ready for a backyard wedding will require more moving, lifting, and rearranging.

small backyard wedding
3 Delightful Ideas for a Small Backyard Wedding 5 small backyard wedding

When you have a wedding in a church, for example, this service might be included by the church staff, but when you have a wedding at home, be prepared to take responsibility for anything that involves preparing the space. It’s not out of the question to hire someone to do this as well if you would prefer that one of your wedding party members not do this work in addition to their duties at the wedding.

Also, think about asking advice from a gardener or horticulturist. Getting their input into how the space will look, including the wedding planner, will also make your space look stunning for your day.

Preparing Your Home

Remember that your home is a part of the backyard wedding and the space where the wedding will occur. That means you will want to have your home professionally cleaned as a preparation. Also, think about how you want guests to have access to your home. For example, you can set out a path from the wedding to the restrooms and limit access to the rest of the house or make it clear that people are not necessarily to lounge in the house for most of the day except perhaps your elderly guests or those who may be staying at the house for the wedding.

Coaching Your Wedding Party

The instructions you give to your wedding party will differ because you have chosen this venue. Let them know what area you prefer for them to spend time in, depending on what part of the wedding is taking place. This will help it feel more like a wedding throughout the day rather than if they were all sitting in the same space. For example, they can process in for the ceremony, sit at a designated table for the reception, and enjoy dancing and music in the dance floor area.

Small Backyard Wedding Checklist

To recap what we have covered so far, here is a quick checklist to have for a small backyard wedding:

  • Prepare your home
  • Prepare the wedding space
  • Prepare your wedding party
  • Make sure you have power!
  • Coach your wedding party on where to spend their time.

Small Backyard Wedding Vendors

One thing you will want to consider when it comes to your backyard wedding vendors is that they have enough space to perform their duties, such as cooking, performing, and preparing to do all these things. They may very well have a tent or portable space that they will use for their preparation, and you will want to be sure that there is enough room for everyone in your backyard. Or, if you are tight on space, arrange a schedule allowing them to share this type of space, for example.

Small Backyard Wedding Attire

The fashion rules for a wedding always apply; however, when having a backyard wedding, you have a little more room for dressing slightly more casually than you would in a traditional space. Be sure to make it clear when sending out your invitations what your preferences are for attire. Because you are in a more casual space, people might wonder what they can wear that is acceptable.

You don’t want them to feel like they are asked to dress the same as if they were indoors, especially if the weather is much warmer in your location. Be specific about your preferences and share examples to help your guests choose their attire.

Small Backyard Wedding Design

Now, this is the fun part. Your backyard wedding offers limitless options for unique and fresh design choices. From your altar setting to your table design and surrounding floral arrangements, this is what your guests are here to see. Be sure to remain consistent in your design; having someone give input in this area makes sense. Ask your wedding planner if they have experience with outdoor and backyard wedding design or any recommendations for someone to work on this for you. Regarding outdoor design, the more input you have in this area, the better.

Small Backyard Wedding Music

It’s important to remember your neighbors and neighborhood when it comes to the music for your wedding. We recommend setting up your music just like you would for the wedding ahead of time and doing some sound tests to ensure that your music doesn’t carry farther than you were expecting. Of course, be sure to let your neighbors know your plans and consider the volume of the music depending on the time of day.

You can get away with a little more noise during the day, but you want to be careful, especially if you have a reception at night so that you don’t bother anyone too late. As someone with a new baby, I can assure you that there is one somewhere in your neighborhood, and you want to be thoughtful of your surroundings.

Choosing a Time of Day

Speaking of a time of day, think about how early or late you would like your backyard wedding to be. Weather is likely the most dominant factor in this decision. No one wants to be stuck in hot temperatures during the day, but again, you don’t want to make too much noise late at night. A 2 or 3 p.m. start time for your ceremony might give you the right balance of not being in the high noon sun but not bothering your neighborhood too late.

Your Creative Small Backyard Wedding

One of the best things about your backyard wedding is that you have so much freedom in creating your vision. The wedding design, how you transition from each part of your ceremony to another, and your attire are all yours to express the creativity that best represents you and your spouse. Be sure to check our Pinterest board for some great wedding design ideas! Check out it on Pinterest.

The Ceremony

Your ceremony will not be too unlike a wedding ceremony indoors or in a different space. Just remember that you will want to be specific about flows and transitions. Let your wedding party know the best place to sit for their part in the service and how to move throughout each part. One of the most important things about an outdoor wedding is sound.

Be sure that you test your equipment to ensure everyone is heard well. You don’t want to depend on people’s voices unless you must as a backup plan. This is because everyone has a different speaking voice, and you don’t want a badly timed airplane or dog parking to stop the show.

The Reception

Enjoy the reception! Just remember to have a space designated for this specifically, whether it is a dance floor you rent for the day or your deck, for example. If you are a little tight on space, think about converting your space throughout the evening if you want to give people plenty of time to eat dinner, and then let them know that you will be converting the space for dancing that may work well for you.

This is when you will want to think about how to use the space in your home. Some of your guests may not be too interested in dancing or being outside for too long, and a good plan may be to invite them inside for this part of the evening.

The Conclusion

We hope this blog post for your small backyard wedding is helpful. Hopefully, this venue choice is a less stressful environment, and you will enjoy your wedding!

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