4 Traditional Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

The most common of traditional songs to walk down the aisle is the Canon in D. This is the song you will likely hear if you see a wedding in a movie or TV show. Other popular songs are The Legendary At Last by Etta James, Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner, and Ave Maria by Franz Schubert.

Where have I heard that song before?

These traditional wedding songs have been featured in countless cinema storybook weddings, not to mention a wedding you have most likely attended in person. Each of these songs has become naturally a part of the bridal procession.

In other words, if you heard any of these songs at a wedding, you would anticipate that the doors were about to open, the bride was preparing to approach the altar, and it was time for the wedding to begin. You also wouldn’t bat an eye. You wouldn’t say this song doesn’t fit the occasion. Quite the contrary, if you heard one of these songs, it would be the impetus, the clarion call to let everyone in earshot know that the most important part of the wedding is about to begin.

Songs To Walk Down The Aisle: Canon in D

The song Canon in D, maybe the head over all the other songs’ shoulders, is a clear standard and is the most played song during a wedding processional. This instrumental, typically played by an organist in a church setting, is the epitome of what a wedding song does: announce what is about to happen, set the stage for the wedding to commence, and evoke emotion while bringing all the attention to the bride.

This song also has a special way of setting apart this moment from everything that has happened before and everything that will happen after this moment. Apart from the moment when the officiant decries the announcement of the bride and groom and, of course, all of the endearing moments along the way, this song trumpets the entrance of the undisputed star of the day, or the bride.

Canon in D gets your attention like none other. It’s also a distinguished tune that can be recognized in any form. When you hear it, you immediately know what it is and usually what event you attend. This song is so associated with weddings that if you hear it in another setting, it almost sounds out of place.

But in a wedding setting, it pulls everything together. This song lets every attendee know they are at the right place and time. You wouldn’t want to hear this song played if you were in the parking lot. But if you’re in the building, you immediately feel a sense of awe.

songs to walk down the aisle

At Last by Etta James

This song, oh my, this song. At Last, by Etta James, is also an iconic song that truly and completely encompasses the moment of the wedding beginning. A more personal expression, this song puts everyone at ease with one of the greatest all-time voices backed by the most soothing sounds that accompany it.

The irony of the lyrics suggests that, at last, the moment has arrived that the loves will unite in holy matrimony, and at the same time, anyone who has been waiting for the wedding to begin is also put at ease.

This is one of the all-time greatest songs that just happened to enter the orbit of wedding bliss to become so closely associated with this most important day. The marriage of the moment and the song would make someone want to sneak into a wedding where they don’t even know the couple to witness such a majestic pronouncement. You will not be disappointed if you choose At Last as your entrance song.

Bridal Chorus by Richard Wagner

Like Canon in D, the Bridal Chorus may be one of the most chosen songs for the wedding entrance. This is the most recognizable song, and it seems like it was not only made for a wedding but perhaps all weddings. Someone may even wonder why they didn’t hear this song or that they haven’t had the full wedding experience if they didn’t get a chance to hear it.

The bridal chorus is recognized by children and adults alike. It’s mimicked at an early age and a tune that can be heard anywhere. The only question when choosing or not choosing this song, in particular, is how traditional someone wants to be.

Ave Maria by Franz Schubert

Ave Maria is the sophisticated traditional choice for the bridal processional. This song suggests that the moment is both delicate and serious. Like the other songs, no one will question this choice, and everyone’s attention will begin to focus on the moment’s meaning. As the officiating minister will likely share when they say no one should enter this moment unadvisedly, this tone is consistent with taking this moment to heart and remaining thoughtful throughout this day.

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