5 Helpful Tips To Avoid A Stressful Wedding Day

You don’t have to wait for your wedding day to become stressful. Designating persons to help with unexpected situations, creating helpful backup plans, and grounding yourself spiritually will help to avoid a stressful wedding day.

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Avoid A Stressful Wedding Day: Expect The Unexpected

Although it can be very difficult to anticipate challenges on your wedding day, there are steps that you can take to get ready for surprises. For example, you can always designate someone to handle situations that arise rather than waiting for them to arise and trying to figure out how to handle them yourself on the spot.

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Delegate Delegate Delegate

And so, to help keep the stressful wedding day away and have an enjoyable one, find as many people as you need and let them know you need their help. Some areas that you can ask your wedding party, family, or even guests to help are transportation, conversations with wedding party members, other wedding guests, and even backup roles in your wedding such as musicians, ushers, or even people to stand with you. Of course, you will want to ask people whom you trust won’t be offended by being a backup and want to help you to have the best day possible.

You can also help people to clean up if you are doing more of your setup or if you’re running close to time to exit your venue. Ask for help with taking gifts back to your hotel, distributing extra wedding favors, and anything else you can think of.

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Set Up Backup Plans

It might sound crazy but imagine the craziest things that you think could happen based on your wedding plans and prepare for them. Is there a possibility of bad weather in the area you live in? Not on the wedding day, but do you live in a part of the United States that is prone to bad weather in the same season as your wedding? This is an example of something you can prepare for.

This might also sound crazy, but in this circumstance, I would have a backup venue indoors if you plan an outdoor wedding. If you can get a backup location scheduled it will be well worth it if you ever need it. This is one way that you can definitely avoid a stressful wedding day even though you may never need it.

One of the most difficult parts of a wedding to schedule and secure is your wedding venue. It’s highly improbable that you would ever need to change your venue however it’s also not something that you want to try to secure if your main venue falls through whether it’s inside or outside. Having a plan that works and fits your city guidelines such as a park or outdoors is very important.

Communicate Clearly

Provide as clear instructions as possible throughout your wedding events. Don’t overwhelm yourself by offering too much instruction. Rather, try to make directions as clear as possible to help avoid a stressful wedding day. For example, little things that are not so little such as how you will travel to your wedding events, not even your wedding, is very important. Are you all meeting up for your dress fitting? What’s the dress for your wedding shower? Which events are inside rather than outside?

And of course, what time do your events begin and end. Everything you can think of from details as small as whether your wedding party will need umbrellas to how much parking will be is helpful for everyone. Just think about what you would want to know if you were a guest and that always goes a long way.

However, discuss your communication plan primarily with your wedding planner so that your expectations and preferences are at the forefront.


This may be the most important element of a wedding for believers. It’s important to remember to pray about everything concerning your wedding day and of course your marriage. There’s too much happening and too many lines of communication and things out of your control to think you can handle it all on your own. Find someone you trust to confide in and to pray with, especially your spouse-to-be.

Prayer will prepare you for this monumental, exciting, exhilarating day of your life. When we put our trust in God and put our planning in God’s hands it always helps us to feel better and even when something discouraging happens you will be supported emotionally, spiritually, and therefore mentally.

Say Thank You

One of the often forgotten ways that you can help to reduce stress on your wedding day is to say “thank you.” I may sound simple, but it’s actually a very powerful practice to set your mind on gratitude. There are so many ways that you can say thank you. If you don’t want to carry much in your hands and you have too much to think about, one thing you can do is take some time sometime before your wedding and intentionally think about those whom you would like to thank on your wedding day.

There’s no script for this. You can thank those who you genuinely think helped you prepare for this sacred day. That could be certain family members, wedding party, wedding planners, vendors or anyone you think was kind and paid special attention to your needs as you prepared for this day.

You could also write thank you notes and ask someone like your Maid of Honor or another bridesmaid to help you distribute the thank you notes throughout the day. Think about the powerful statement you would make by showing gratitude on your wedding day. Also, this is one thing that you can take care of ahead of time rather than thanking guests for your gifts in addition to any word of thanks you would like to share after your wedding.

One thing about weddings that keeps you from having a stressful wedding day is to do as much as possible as soon as possible. Any delay in any of your planning will accumulate and get added to a list of growing tasks. Do yourself a huge favor by taking care of these things sooner rather than later.

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