What We Love About SuitShop Atlanta Review 2024

SuitShop opened a location in the heart of Atlanta that serves weddings and individual patrons. This SuitShop Atlanta Review includes pricing, services, and options for you and your wedding party.

suitshop atlanta review
What We Love About SuitShop Atlanta Review 2024 3 suitshop atlanta review

Individual Fittings

My visit was for an individual fitting. I liked the space and how it is used for fittings. The fitting room was just big enough that I didn’t feel cramped. The design of the store is refreshing. The booking process was seamless and easy. I liked the store’s aesthetic and how there was no wasted space, but at the same time, the space seemed to be used very well.

The attention to my suiting needs was phenomenal. The knowledge of my associate, in general, inspired confidence that I would get a great option and fit if I followed their recommendations.

Engaged Couple Consultation

I would have been very comfortable using SuitShop for our wedding. The space is very comfortable and conducive to relaxing and reviewing the best options for your wedding design.

Another thing that I LOVE is that the website guides you with how far out from your wedding you should book a visit. For example, engaged couples are encouraged to book an appointment 5-6 months before their wedding date. This is top-tier guidance and communication because it will help the couple have everything they need before the wedding and have their tuxedo ready.

Group Fittings

SuitShop’s main business is fitting groups for weddings. As someone who blogs about weddings, is a wedding officiant, and has been in multiple weddings, I can see how this is an excellent setting to get everyone fitted for your wedding. Especially if there is a location where your wedding party lives, SuitShop is an all-around amazing choice. The only drawback may be if your wedding party lives in locations all across the U.S. where they can’t get to. In that case, I may recommend other options like The Black Tux.

What I did for my wedding was gather everyone in the same city for Guy’s Day and get everyone fitted on the same day. Depending on your budget, SuiiShop would also be a great place to do that.

But the space is spacious enough to fit your wedding party, and I have all the confidence in the customer service based on my experience that one or two people could assist a large group with their fittings.

Pricing and Availability

The policy is that you will receive your suit in 5-7 business days from the date of purchase. I can’t imagine a situation where I would need to order a suit in less time than this. It’s perfect. The price range for the suits is $199 for all the options I looked at and $224 for more fashionably trending color options.

SuitShop also offers accessories through a partner company, Tie Bar. Ironically, I got a tie bar in addition to my suit, and I was 100% pleased with the quality. For something so simple, I’ve looked all over but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for until my visit to SuitShop. This excellent partnership takes their service to another level by helping customers add to their shopping experience with such high-quality accessories.

SuitShop Atlanta Review and Recommendation

I will get right to the point. I highly recommend SuitShop for individual suit basics. They have a slim fit option with a casual look and a modern fit that could be more business-appropriate. I went with the modern suit pants and the slim jacket because that fit my larger, slim(er) frame better, especially in the shoulders and midsection.

SuitShop is the best combination of price and quality that I’ve found in a suit. I must add some basic black, charcoal, and light/dark navy suits to my collection. I may get other suits from places like Suit Supply and The Black Tux or Banana Republic, but to fill out some basic pieces in my wardrobe, SuitShop is an excellent find.

My Customer Service Experience

I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable, kind, and patient my customer service representative was during my visit. I visited during the day and didn’t have to compete with other customers, so I recommend doing the same. Go during the day, during the week, if you can.

My associate was ready and waiting for me when I arrived. He knew my name and got started with our fitting. He asked enough questions to know what fit I would need. I wanted to come to a store for a consultation because I have difficulty shopping off the rack with my build. I wear a 38×36 in pants and a 46XL in a suit jacket. But my associate knew just what to offer in terms of options. He wanted me to see the profile of my fit and recommended that I sit down to see how it felt. Everything was thoughtfully shared, and the final result was a great fit.

SuitShop Locations

Atlanta – Howell Mill Road Suite P115, Atlanta, GA 30318

Boston – 135 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

Chicago – 1820 W Webster Ave Suite 410, Chicago, IL 60614

Denver – 2000 W 30th Avenue, Denver, CO, 80211

Houston – 600 N Shepherd Drive Suite #180, Houston, TX 77007

Philadelphia – 32 N 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106

Virtual Appointments – available upon request on the SuitShop website

One thing that I noticed is that the hours are not readily available on the website. I believe this is designed to encourage online appointment booking unless I could not find them. Based on my experience from my visit, you can walk in and receive excellent customer service; however, I had to ask what the Saturday hours were, for example, so that I could bring my family for fittings.

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