The Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer

The average cost of a wedding videographer in 2024 is $2,250. Typically, the couple will hire a photographer who may include a videographer as a part of the team. However, hiring a videographer separately from your photographer may be necessary. If your photographer does not offer videography services, they may be willing to offer a stellar recommendation for your videographer needs.

What is a wedding videographer?

A videographer is a person who specializes in recording professional-level videos of your wedding. This person typically only captures video of your wedding unless they are part of your photography team and will also assist with taking photos with another photographer. The videographer will be prepared to capture special moments just like the photographer will, but in video instead. They will capture moments like the bride walking down the aisle, the first kiss, the cutting of the cake, the announcement of the couple, and others.

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The Average Cost of a Wedding Videographer 3 wedding videographer

Advantages of hiring a videographer

Sure, your family members will be sure to record special moments of your wedding day on their phones and post them to social media. They may even remember to share some of the photos with you, but the photos will not be the same quality as they will be with a wedding videographer with experience.

What to look for in a videographer

When hiring a videographer, you want to choose someone who understands you as a couple. My wife and I used a photography team that included photography and videography services. This is the best option because you will help to eliminate duplication, and if your team is used to working with one another, all of your finished products will turn out better. If your team needs to learn how to work together on the spot for the first time, your result will not be quite as good. But a team used to working together will surely provide their best package.

Also, this goes without saying: like all your vendors, you want someone you work well with. If you have the opportunity, hire your photographer to take your engagement photos, but first ask if they offer videographer services. If they do well with your engagement photos and you are pleased with the result, the chances that they will provide a quality service for your wedding events, including the videographer, will be much higher.

It’s never a 100% guarantee, but this is one way that you will ensure that you have chosen a good service. Other ways are checking online reviews from Google, Yelp, and the company website. Ask your wedding planner and anyone in your area who you think might have good insight into hiring your best photography/videography team.

Is a videographer worth the cost?

A videographer is worth the cost if it works for your budget. If it doesn’t work for your budget, it’s an item that might be one of the first to go because a good one that is worth hiring will be a significant cost. But if it does work for your budget, you won’t regret it. With all the media types you have available to you, nothing will capture your day quite like high-quality video.

Having a good handle on your budget is key to answering this question.

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