The Keys to Avoiding Burnout

Check this post often for keys to avoiding burnout that you can practice on a daily basis.

The happy ending I hope you experience after reading this post is to at least have a few practices to avoid burnout when you feel it coming.

The challenge with stress (especially when it comes to wedding planning) is that we are all dealing with multiple life issues at one time.

Getting Your Plan Ready

Have a plan ready

Have a daily routine

Ask someone to look at your plan

Make sure you enjoy what you’re doing

The key is that you don’t just want to avoid burnout. This might sound cliché but what you are actually doing is finding joy in your life. This is what will be the best strategy in avoiding burnout.

If you have ever experienced any kind of burnout then you know the importance of a stress management plan. Personally, I feel that the older we get the more important it is to have this type of plan in place. There have been several points in my life where I felt like I was at or close to burnout because of life circumstances. Some of these circumstances were because of my actions and some were out of my control Either way, having a plan in place makes us feel supported.

avoiding burnout
Check this blog post for action items to help with avoiding burnout.

We hope you find value in having a resource to revisit with real life action steps.

Avoiding Burnout Action Steps

  1. Pay attention to your feelings.
  2. Have someone check on you.
  3. Set up your outlets.
  4. Be ready for change.

Also check this blog post for similar suggestions:

Hopefully you are happy with your steps. Remember, this is just a guide and you may find better steps that fit your situation.

The next step is to ask a friend to take a look at your plan.

The best thing to do is keep up to date with your plan for avoiding burnout whether it includes steps in this blog post or those you create yourself.

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