The Most important wedding invitations for your wedding planning Strategy

This post is for couples planning how to manage their wedding party. .

You will be able to breathe must easier after reading this post and setting up your wedding invitations plan.

The challenge is we are all tempted to complete our wedding invitation list all at one time.

Sending your wedding invitations to your wedding party is a best practice. As a result, you will be way ahead in your planning and have more time to focus on other important items.

Firstly, you don’t have to finish your entire invitations list before sending invitations to your wedding party, for instance.

Once your invitations to your wedding party are finished, you will have completed a major milestone in your wedding planning.

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The Most important wedding invitations for your wedding planning Strategy 3


Selecting Your Wedding Party Roles

Most importantly, start out by taking time to write your wedding party list to send wedding invitations:

Officiating Minister

Maid of Honor/Matron of Honor


Best Man


Passage Reader



Flower Girl

Ring Bearer

Wedding Planner


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The Most important wedding invitations for your wedding planning Strategy 4

In conclusion, we all know that wedding planning can be a difficult process with many pain points. However, if you take the time to complete this step the rest of the process will be much easier for you. With over 10 years of experience officiating weddings, I am convinced that this will save you the most time in comparison to how long it will take to make the decisions about your roles.

Most importantly, hang in there. In other words, take the time to figure out this important part of the process way pay off later! Moreover, you will be in a much better place in your planning once you figure out your wedding invitations for your wedding party, your vendors, and of course the remaining wedding guest list.

You have now completed a major step. As a result now you can head to to also complete setting up your wedding events.

Finally, after you finish your wedding invitations for your wedding party, head on over to start another important step in your planning, How to Write Your Vows in 5 Easy Steps.

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