My Favorite Resources

Wedding Planning Tools

  • The Black Tux - My personal recommendation for groom and groomsmen wedding tuxes and suits. I used this service and couldn't have been happier with the way my groomsmen and I were able to get fitted and have our tuxes delivered to our doorstep. 
  • Etsy - One of the best resources for wedding gifts especially for your wedding party. Etsy has affordable and inspired gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 
  • Pinterest - If you are planning a wedding of any type you will definitely want to check Pinterest first. From destination weddings to wedding budget, style and design inspiration to gifts for your wedding party. Pinterest is the place to check for all of your wedding planning needs. 
  • Wedistry App Store - Access the mobile app on the App Store and keep track of all your wedding events and wedding party.
  • Wedistry Web App - Follow along the App Store App on any desktop browser. Access your same account if you prefer to work in a desk setting. 

My Favorite Resources

Reducing Stress

  • Nolah Sleep Mattress - Our mattress recommendation to get your best sleep while you are planning your wedding! 
  • Tail Activewear - One of the best ways to reduce stress is by remaining active. Tail Activewear is our choice for tall activewear for women. Check it out today!
Creative Resources
  • Adalo - The best service to create an App Store ready app for iOS. I used this service to create Wedistry for Wedding Parties and highly recommend it for the most cost effective way to create an app that works well. 
  • Canva - If you are looking to design pins for Pinterest or Instagram or Facebook designs Canva is the place to start. You can also find up to date and responsive presentation templates that will pass at any level. 
  • Link Whisper - Another must have resource for bloggers. If you are building a Wordpress Blog, you will definitely want this important plugin that will save you hours in connecting links to your different pages and posts. 
  • Siteground - The best Wordpress hosting service that combines cost, function, and customer service. 
  • Tailwind App - If you are starting or maintaining a blog one of the must use tools is Tailwind. You can now create beautifully designed pins using a URL or a photo. Not only can you create pins but you can also create multiple styles of the same pin for your boards. Create a unique pin for each blog post to improve your website traffic.